College Composition and Reading: Information and Strategies

Author(s): Linda Dawn Lukas

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 398


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This practically focused textbook cuts through the fluff to cover the core skills and knowledge needed for effective reading and writing. With chapters on the writing process, paragraphs, evaluating and incorporating research results, the structure of arguments, and the rhetorical patterns of development, students have effective, scaffold instruction in all the basic elements of reading and composition at a college level. College Composition and Reading: Information and Strategies is just what it sounds like: the information and strategies students need to succeed, deliver in accessible language, and focus on the rationale behind each concept and clear instructions in becoming skilled in its use. The language is inviting, not intimidating, and focused on the practical skills and knowledge that students need and want.


The tear-outs at the end of each chapter serve to highlight the most important concepts and processes, while serving as both a reference and a model of effective note taking. The Looking Ahead questions at the end of each chapter serve to get the students thinking about the topic and wanting to learn more, while the Practical Review tasks at the end give the students a chance to practice and respond to what they have learned.

The free YouTube videos that are available to accompany each chapter also summarize the most important aspects of the chapter while providing additional explanations and examples.


College Composition and Reading: Information and Strategies is a practical guide for students to the most essential skills taught in any basic college composition course.

Section One: Introduction to Writing

Chapter 1: Introduction to College Reading & Writing

Chapter 2: The Writing Process

Chapter 3: Paragraph Development

Chapter 4: Revision

Section Two: Mechanics of Reading & Writing

Chapter 5: Understanding & Remembering

Chapter 6: Reading

Chapter 7: Grammar: History and Background

Chapter 8: Grammar and Punctuation: Usage

Section Three: Expanding Your Writing

Chapter 9: Doing Research

Chapter 10: Using Research

Chapter 11: Patterns of Development

Chapter 12: Classical Logic

Chapter 13: Modern Argumentation


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Linda Dawn Lukas

L. Dawn Lukas grew up in the backwoods of Northern California. She earned an AA in English from Mendocino College (1998), a BA in English from San Francisco State University (2000), a Master's degree in Rhetoric and Composition from Portland State University with a 4.0 GPA (2005), and a certificate in teaching post-secondary (college) reading in 2006. She has been employed as a faculty member teaching English in the California Community College system for over a decade, since 2005, and has also worked for years on a newspaper (The Midcounty Memo in Gresham, OR), tutored, and taught test preparation workshops on the GRE, SAT, ACT, and GMAT.

By the time she earned her Master’s degree, she had been tutoring English for more than 7 years and really liked not only reading and writing, but also helping others to see how great they are. And after half a decade of teaching, she realized that one of the things that made many English classes more boring and less useful. There were bloated textbooks with little useful information and lots of overly complicated, difficult to understand language, so to solve that problem, she wrote a textbook of her own, with a focused on being concise, interesting, and above all, useful in a practical way!

She and her husband currently reside in Northern California with their two children while she teaches at Santa Rosa Junior College.

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ISBN 9781792432545

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