College English: The Basics

Author(s): George Searles

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 236


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This textbook is intended for use in first-year college writing classes. Accordingly, it focuses primarily on the academic essay, discussing several main modes of essay development, along with specialized applications such as essay exams, literary criticism, and research-based assignments. But the book goes beyond this principal emphasis to provide coverage of workplace writing as well, reflecting an ongoing trend in composition textbooks published in recent years.

In truth, College English: The Basics is not just about the kind of writing done in college; it’s more than that, equipping students to write well even after graduation, when they’ll be called upon to communicate on the job. There are clear-cut learning objectives, revision checklists, model documents, and helpful exercises, along with an appendix that identifies key strategies for developing an effective style and another that reviews the fundamentals of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Short on theory, long on practical applications, and written in a simple, conversational style, this book is exceptionally user friendly, appropriate not only for recent high school graduates but also for returning adult students and other non-traditional leaners. It’s deliberately compact, but fully comprehensive enough for community colleges and four-year institutions as well. This is a book that students can read and comprehend easily, without needless difficulty—a book from which they can actually learn.

George Searles

George J. Searles is a Professor -of Arts & Humanities at Mohawk Valley Community College. He has also taught at Green Haven State Prison, on the graduate level for New School University, and on Pratt Institute's upstate campus at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts· Institute. He has served on the governing boards of both the Modem Language Association and the North East Modem Language Association, presenting scholarly papers at the annual conventions of those and other such professional organizations. In addition, he has served as a communications consultant to many corporate clients and social services agencies, as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Science Foundation. Along with numerous articles, reviews, and poems in popular and academic periodicals, he has published three volumes of literary criticism from university presses and seven editions of Workplace Communications: The Basics, a textbook used on over 250 campuses here and abroad. The recipient of two SUNY Chancellor's medals. for excellence, he was formerly the Carnegie Foundation "New York State Professor of the Year" and the New York State United Teachers "Higher Education Member of the Year.''

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ISBN 9781524934538

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