Communication Across Contexts: A Listening-Centered Approach

Author(s): Mary Lahman, Michelle Calka, Judd Case, Tim Buchanan

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 96


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Communication Across Contexts: A Listening-Centered Approach is an introductory text designed to give students of all majors a broad skill set in communication. By exploring what it means to take a listening-centered approach to communication, students learn that communicative congruence is not just about getting what you want, but is also about acting in ways that build positive relationships and respect the wants and needs of others. The text prepares students to develop public speaking, interpersonal, and small group communication skills to succeed in college and the workplace.    

Since listening is a crucial part of the communication process, this text incorporates listening concepts across each of the following contexts: public speaking, interpersonal, and small group communication.

Communication Across Contexts: A Listening-Centered Approach:

  • Frames each chapter with provocative questions that encourage students to explore how listening, in addition to language and nonverbal skills, work together across communication contexts.   
  • Reinforces the importance of communicative congruence through relevant examples for college students. 
  • Includes guidelines for managing group meetings and negotiating conflict within groups. 
  • Streamlines content to the basics, which encourages students to engage with the text and focus on the application of skills. Instructors may add further readings or information to complement the content of the text. 


Chapter 1 Human Communication
Chapter 2 Public Communication
Chapter 3 Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 4 Small Group Communication

Mary Lahman

Michelle Calka

Judd Case

Tim Buchanan

 “It was clear and concise. Everything was to the point and easy to depict.”
Student from Manchester College

“Every page of the book was used. Most textbooks are 400+ pages and we only get through 200 maybe. It was nice having a book that just included what we were talking about in class.”
Student from Manchester College

“The textbook is very self-explanatory and gives a lucid illustration of the subject.”
Student from Manchester College

“The textbook was really well written and focused on real-world application.”
Anonymous student

“The content I learned in this course and through this textbook was valuable and will greatly impact my future.”
Anonymous student

“One aspect that was effective was having specific objectives that were specified from the beginning of each chapter for what we had to know.”
Anonymous student

“Listening to others, I have been applying the concepts we have learned in this class to my relationships and I feel like they have benefitted and grown stronger.”
Anonymous student

“Changed my view of communication as just talking but to coming to a better understanding.”
Anonymous student

“Handling conflict in a better way than avoiding, deflecting or just agreeing.”
Anonymous student

“Could barely do small group work without feeling anxious and judged, but learning how to [work in groups] really helped my confidence.”
Anonymous student

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ISBN 9781524948108

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