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Communication Training & Development: Exploring the Cutting Edge presents a progressive look at training from multiple perspectives including scholars in the field and practitioners. This book also provides an interesting, practical discussion of the interrelationship between communication and the field of training and development. It also incorporates new material on diversity and inclusion, storytelling as a training methodology, contracts, and a host of communication topics for workplace training. The i-Traine toolkit is a major feature of the solution, which is a robust training program with resources for developing, designing and planning a training.

Chapter 1 The Foundation of Training and Development
Lea Gilinets and Sakilè K. Camara

Chapter 2 Training About What? Topics for Consideration
Bridget Sampson

Chapter 3 Is Diversity & Inclusion Training Really Training? Rethinking New Models
J. Lynn Reynolds and Daniel Lawrence

Chapter 4 Learning Strategic Collaboration and Skillful Confrontation
Orlando E. Blake

Chapter 5 Defining and Developing Responsive, Relevant and Right Leadership Training​
Raymonda Burgman

Chapter 6 Ethics Training: Developing a High Integrity Workplace Culture
Denis Collins

Chapter 7 Before Anything There is Substance: Training Needs Assessment
Sakilè K. Camara and Morgan Jones

Chapter 8 Begin with the End in Mind: Post Training Assessments
Rodney A. Reynolds

Chapter 9 The Nature of Adult Learning
incent L. Cyboran

Chapter 10 The Training Module: A Map for the Journey
Mark P. Orbe and Margaret E. Baker

Chapter 11 Telling Ain’t Training
Stephanie Sanders

Chapter 12 Delivering Training Content and Maximizing Involvement
Kathleen Iverson

Chapter 13 Beyond Content: Prescriptions for Designing and Delivering Training Activities
Kathy Beasley

Chapter 14 The Savvy Storyteller: A Guide for Trainers
Sally Fox

Chapter 15 Know Your Area(s) of Expertise
Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai

Chapter 16 Building Your Personal Brand and Leveraging Your Uniqueness
Serena Santillanes

Chapter 17 Keeping Clients: Business Retention Practices
Davis Green

Chapter 18 Negotiating Contracts and Fees: Best Practices
Michael L. Zirulnik

Chapter 19 ‘Train the Trainers’: A Model of Reinforcement and Enhancement
Mark P. Orbe, Alicia Boards, and Patricia A. Burnett

Chapter 20 The Future of Learning and Development
Paul Archer

Chapter 21 Service-Learning and Training Possibilities
Leigh Anne Howard

Sakile Camara

Mark Orbe

Sidney Kozhi Makai

Lea Gilinets

Rodney Reynolds

Vince Cyboran

Denis Collins

Morgan Jones

Orlando Jr Blake

Patricia Burnett

Kathy Beasley

Sally Fox

Raymonda Burgman

Margaret Baker

Michael Zirulnik

Kathleen Iverson

Leigh Ann Howard

Paul Archer

Bridget Sampson

Alica Boards

Stephanie Sanders

J. Lynn Reynolds

Daniel Lawrence

Serena Santillanes

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