Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura

Author(s): Delia Montesinos

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2022


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Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura provides a guided inductive and critical-thinking approach to teaching Spanish. It covers five goal areas: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura features:

  • various engaging activities.
  • unit opening pages that visually engage learners and introduce them to the content.
  • section opening pages with readings, surveys, or graphs related to the topic of the section and the unit.
  • section content focusing on language varieties and usage, orthography, and grammar.
  • boxes to assess understanding while concepts are fresh.
  • readings that are short, informative, informal personal reflections, and journalistic and literary are centered on the thematic focus of the unit.
  • entre dos lenguas brings the reality of the heritage learner’s experience to the forefront.
  • writing as the focus of the final section of each unit.
  • access to KHQ - a user friendly quizzing app available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. It includes a library of tested and proven terms and test questions from the author of the publication.

Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura has been designed to:

  • engage heritage learners of Spanish with a methodology more attuned to language arts in order to progressively develop their literacy as well as their aural and oral skills.
  • develop and enhance their critical thinking skills.
  • create an understanding, appreciation, and a sense of confidence among heritage learners of Spanish.

New and enhanced activities are included in this edition.

Unidad 1: Mi lengua de herencia

La lengua y la identidad

Una lengua global

La lengua como comunicación

Mi mundo hispano

Entre dos lenguas

Unidad 2: Los hispanos y los medios de comunicación

La lengua y los medios de comunicación

Los hispanos en los medios de comunicación

Pegatina (bumper sticker) de un coche: If you can read this estás muy close

Mi mundo hispano

Entre dos lenguas

Unidad 3: Nuestras tradiciones

El legado indígena

El legado europeo y árabe

El legado asiático y africano

Un repaso final

Mi mundo hispano

Entre dos lenguas

Para recordar​ y repasar


Delia Montesinos

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ISBN 9798765709924

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