The Confident Speaker's Handbook: A Practical, Hands-On Approach to Public Speaking

Author(s): Thomas Valasek

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 258. LSI page count does not change


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5th Edition Now Available!

The Confident Speaker’s Handbook is written for the students at Raritan Valley Community College in Central New Jersey, and most of the examples and sample speeches in the text are their work. And while students in any college public speaking class can certainly benefit from using this textbook, it is definitely written to fit the Speech program at RVCC, which in fact focuses on a practical, hands-on approach to public speaking.

The Confident Speaker’s Handbook by Thomas Valasek:

  • incorporates in this book what the author has learned from teaching Speech classes at RVCC for more than 40 years, as well as what he’s learned from collaborating with many dynamic, innovative colleagues.
  • is helpful and accessible, especially the chapters on managing anxiety about public speaking, building basic presentation skills, and developing effective introductions and conclusions.
  • includes fine-tuned and revised chapters to expand more extensively on developing informative and persuasive presentations.

Introduction Public Speaking:

A Life Skill and a Skill for Life

1 Managing Anxiety about Public Speaking

Establishing Realistic Expectations

Strategies for Managing Communication Anxiety

Strategies for Managing Anxiety for More Confident Presentations


Tips at a Glance for Managing Anxiety about Public Speaking

2 Finding Your Public Voice

Find Something Meaningful to Say

Make Your Presentation a Gift to the Audience

Build on What You Already Possess

Tell a Story

Meet Your Audience Where They Are . . . Take Them Somewhere

They Don’t Expect to Go

Try on Other Public Voices for Size


Tips at a Glance for Finding Your Public Voice

3 Getting Started

Selecting a Topic

Narrowing the Topic

Stating the Purpose

Researching the Topic

Developing and Organizing the Speech

Analyzing the Audience


Tips at a Glance for Getting Started

4 Developing Introductions and Conclusions

Guidelines for Effective Introductions

Tips for Delivering the Introduction

Guidelines for Effective Conclusions

Tips for Delivering the Conclusion


5 Building Basic Presentation Skills

Looking Good

Using Notes Effectively

Sounding Good

Connecting with the Audience


Tips at a Glance for Improving Basic Presentation Skills

6 Preparing and Using Visual Aids

Why Use Visual Aids?

Types of Visual Aids

How to Use Visual Aids Effectively

How to Present with Visual Aids


Tips at a Glance for Preparing and Using Visual Aids

7 Rehearsing a Speech

Why Rehearse?

Strategies for Rehearsing Effectively


Tips at a Glance for Rehearsing a Speech

8 Developing Listening and Critiquing Skills

Critical Listening

Improving Critical Listening Skills

Offering Constructive Criticism

Critiquing Your Own Presentation


Tips at a Glance for Developing Listening and Critiquing Skills

9 Developing Speeches that Present Information

Developing an Effective Informative Speech

Critiquing an Informative Speech

Model Student Informative Speech: The University Center

at RVCC: “Your Bachelor’s Degree Right down the Road”


Tips at a Glance for Developing Speeches that Present


10 Handling a Question-and-Answer Session

Strategies for Handling Q&A

Anticipating Problem Questions

Wrapping up Q&A


Tips at a Glance for Handling a Question-and-Answer


11 Developing Speeches that Persuade

Developing an Effective Persuasive Speech

Model Student Persuasive Speech: “Veal: The Cruel Meal”

Fundamental Elements of Persuasion

Planning and Organizing a Persuasive Speech

Applying Logical Persuasive Techniques

Evaluating and Presenting Evidence

Applying Emotional and Psychological Persuasive Techniques

Problem/Solution Speeches


Tips at a Glance for Developing Speeches that Persuade

12 Preparing and Delivering Team Presentations

Planning a Team Presentation

Preparing a Team Presentation

Rehearsing the Presentation

Delivering the Presentation


Tips for Planning and Delivering Team Presentations

13 Taking Presentation Skills to a Higher Level

Impromptu Speeches

Speeches of Introduction

Commemorative Speeches

Speeches for Special Occasions

Public Speaking Skills for the Future


Appendix A Sample Student PowerPoint Presentation

Appendix B Sample Student Speeches

“Cut It and Leave It”

“Special Olympics: Creating Special Smiles”

“Helmets and Winter Sports”

“Driving and Cell Phones: A Bad Combination”

“Athletes as Role Models”

Thomas Valasek

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