Considering American Government: A Reader

Author(s): Lydia Andrade

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 182


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Governing is a challenging activity and was not meant to be easy. In the American republic, the struggle to find common ground is a constant challenge. The making of the Constitution and its structured conflicts between the states and the national government along with the establishment of political parties have triggered conflict in the United States for two and a quarter centuries. Considering American Government: A Reader, by Lydia M. Andrade and James W. Riddlesperger Jr, attempts to position struggle and competition in a contemporary context.

Considering American Government: A Reader describes:

  • The political environment which lays the foundations for governance, including building society on shared values that both define and limit decisions
  • Elements of institutions that connect Americans with their government, including public opinion, political parties and elections, and interest groups
  • The making of public policy, which involves spending our money, regulating our behavior, providing services and in the case of military members or first responders, and risking one’s own safety for the survival of the system


Chapter 1 Graduating from the Electoral College by Lydia Andrade

Chapter 2 When They Say the Issue is Federalism, It Isn’t by James W. Riddlesperger, Jr.

Chapter 3 Who's That Charming Stranger with the Check? By Samuel H. Fisher III

Chapter 4 But They Didn’t Call Me!: Why Polling Works by Adam J. Schiffer

Chapter 5 Americans Don’t Agree; So What? By James F. Sheffield Jr.

Chapter 6 Not Even a Good Scandal by Jeffrey A. Fine

Chapter 7 How do you know ugly when you see it? By Richard N. Engstrom

Chapter 8 The Speech of a Lifetime by Richard W. Waterman

Chapter 9 Don’t Know Much about Judiciary by Joseph Stewart, Jr.

Chapter 10 The Progress Problem in Congress: The Gender Gap in Congressional Female Political Representation by Jennifer Horan

Chapter 11 Who Gets to Have a Say in Policy Making?: A Look at Health Care Policy by Juan Carlos Huerta and Jo Marie Rios

Chapter 12 The Supreme’s Greatest Hits by Lydia Andrade

Lydia Andrade

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ISBN 9781524941840

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