Contemporary Physical Science

Author(s): Innocent Aluka

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 1138

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Contemporary Physical Science introduces readers to the basic concepts of the physical processes occurring in our environment. It is designed and structured for beginning scientists, introductory science educators, and non-science majors enrolled in physical science to fulfill science requirements.

Contemporary Physical Science by Innocent Aluka is:

  • divided into five sections: physics, chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. It begins with a chapter on measurements.
  • designed with minimal mathematics and most of the chapters cover practical everyday occurrences. To further make the text easy to understand, a relevant math review section is provided for the readers who have forgotten their basic mathematics.  
  • student friendly! Chapter summaries, questions / exercises, appendices, tables and figures are included to reinforce important concepts and assess.

Chapter 1 Measurements

Chapter 2 Motion

Chapter 3 Force and Motion

Chapter 4 Work and Energy

Chapter 5 Temperature

Chapter 6 Waves

Chapter 7 Light

Chapter 8 Electricity and Magnetism

Chapter 9 Relativity

Chapter 10 Atomic Structure

Chapter 11 Periodic Table of Elements

Chapter 12 Compounds and Chemical Bonding

Chapter 13 Chemical Reactions and Equations

Chapter 14 Water and Solutions

Chapter 15 Organic Compounds

Chapter 16 Nuclear Reactions

Chapter 17 Ancient, Modern, and Instruments of Astronomy

Chapter 18 The Universe

Chapter 19 The Solar System

Chapter 20 Atmosphere, Composition, and Layers

Chapter 21 Weather and Climate

Chapter 22 Minerals

Chapter 23 Rocks

Chapter 24 Earthquakes and The Earth’s Interior

Chapter 25 Plate Tectonics and Seafloor Spreading

Chapter 26 Geologic Time

Chapter 27 Our Environment


Innocent Aluka

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ISBN 9781524986117

Details Electronic Delivery EBOOK 180 days