Content Area Literacy

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Paula Di Domenico, Rachel Lesinski-Roscoe

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2023

Pages: 280


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Content Area Literacy: Toolkit of Disciplinary Strategies for Middle and High School considers various professionals who may find its content useful:

  • professors teaching a content area or disciplinary literacy course
  • middle and high school teachers working directly with students 
  • literacy and instructional coaches; interventionists 
  • candidates for initial licensure and/or reading specialist endorsements

Because it is a practical tool for teachers of math, science, English language arts, and social studies in grades 6-12, it is also ideal for team, school, and district professional development. 


Set apart from other strategy books, the fifth edition: 

  • provides teachers with tools that support students’ ability to comprehend complex texts independently
  • offer explicit instruction for teachers to provide students using general literacy strategies.
  • provides students with the discipline-specific literacy strategies required for deep, meaningful learning in English language arts, math, science, and history/social studies

Key Features: 

  • Description provides an explanation of the strategy along with its practical purpose.
  • How and Why Would I Use This Strategy outlines instructional routines that this strategy would support.
  • How Do I Teach/Present the Strategy offers step-by-step implementation ideas and instructions for use.
  • Connections to the Disciplines provides key behaviors the strategy supports along with examples for use.
  • Resources provides additional helpful information.


About the Authors

Preface and Overview

Section One
What the Text Says

Part One: Monitoring Comprehension
 Self-Monitoring Approach to Reading and Thinking (SMART)
 Sticky Notes
 Embedded Questions

Part Two: Summarizing
 Chunk and Go
 Cross-Out Summary Strategy
 Say Something

Part Three: Word Work and Conceptual Learning
 Frayer Model and Math Rule of Four
 List-Group-Label and Semantic Mapping
 Scenario Writing
 Select Three and Reflect (STAR)
 Vocabulary Continuum
 Word Sorts

Section Two
What the Text Means
 Observation-Inference Chart
 Comprehension, Analysis, Synthesis Strategy (CASS)
 They Say, I Say, and So
 Synthesis Journal

Section Three
Writing to Unlock Meaning
 Sketch the Visual
 Writer’s Notebook
 Entrance and Exit Slips
 Climbing and Diving
 Multiple-Text GIST
 Marathon Writing
 Double-Entry Journal
 Cornell Notes

Section Four
Collaborative Discussion Around Text
 Spider Discussion
 Value Line Up
 Save the Last Word for Me
 Discussion Web
 Anchor Jigsaw
 Accountability Pie


Jerry Johns

Jerry L. Johns has been recognized as a distinguished teacher, writer, outstanding teacher educator, and popular professional development speaker for schools, school districts, and conferences. He has taught students from kindergarten through graduate school and also served as a reading teacher. Professor Johns spent his career at Northern Illinois University. He served in leadership positions at the local, state, national, and international levels. He has been president of the International Literacy Association, the Illinois Reading Council, the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers, and the Northern Illinois Reading Council. He also served on the Board of Directors for each of these organizations as well as the American Reading Forum. Dr. Johns has authored or coauthored nearly 300 articles, monographs, and research studies as well as over 40 professional books. His Basic Reading Inventory, now in the 12th edition, is widely used in undergraduate and graduate classes as well as by practicing teachers.

Paula Di Domenico

Rachel Lesinski-Roscoe

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ISBN 9798765706992

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