Criminal Law Cases Today: A Customized Version of Criminal Law, Second Edition by George M. Dery III

Author(s): Rachel Kunz

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022

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Law is not static and is always changing and this text offers a structured look at not only what criminal law is, but the development of criminal law, the key elements of major crimes, and defenses to crimes as well. Criminal Law Cases Today is a customized version of Criminal Law Second Edition by George M. Dery III and seeks to take learning criminal law to the next level. Criminal law in general can be a heavy and complicated topic and this text strives to make learning interesting and applies chapter materials to different scenarios and current cases and court decisions.


Criminal Law Cases Today:
• Contains cases and news articles that explore the elements of various crimes and challenges students to analyze and make conclusions on how courts will decide in these cases. 
• Explores the history and development of the criminal law and how today’s laws and crimes were developed and apply to real cases. 
• Helps students articulate decisions, decipher caselaw, and answer questions based on the cases they read throughout this text. 
• Uses current cases and videos to increase student’s understanding of the material as well as give additional resources for use in lecture by the instructor.


CHAPTER—I The Sources of and Limits on Criminal Law 
CHAPTER—II “Actus Reus” or Criminal Act: The Mandatory Element for All Crime
CHAPTER—III “Mens Rea” or Criminal Intent: The Necessary Element for Most Crimes 
CHAPTER—IV Causation: The Element Required for Crimes Having a Forbidden Result 
CHAPTER—V Inchoate (Incomplete) Crimes and Parties to Crimes 
CHAPTER—VI Crimes against Property 
CHAPTER—VII Crimes against Habitation 
CHAPTER—VIII Crimes against the Person and Against Life: Homicide 
CHAPTER—IX Crimes against the Person: Assaultive Conduct 
CHAPTER—X Crimes against the Person: Sex Crimes
CHAPTER—XI Defenses: Justification
CHAPTER—XII Defenses: Excuse
CHAPTER—XIII  Other Types of Crime: White-Collar, Gang, Controlled Substance Crimes, and Crimes against the State 
APPENDIX Answers to Select Questions


Rachel Kunz

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ISBN 9781792499265

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