Curanderismo: The Art of Traditional Medicine without Borders

Author(s): Eliseo Torres

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 176


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Curanderismo: The Art of Traditional Medicine without Borders presents a way of studying humanity, where one can recognize and connect with the entire global family. In this text, the primary sources described come from the Mexican indigenous traditions and from Spain, including its North African heritage.

The primary goals of Curanderismo are to:

  • guide the reader toward an understanding of the concepts of Curanderismo.
  • serve as a reference guide, indexing the healing modalities that define Curanderismo.
  • bridge the gaps between Western modern medicine and traditional healing.

Curanderismo is divided into two parts:

  1. Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico emphasizes the traditional healing ways of Mexico and the Southwest.
  2. Global Perspectives emphasizes perspectives and influences in curanderismo and begins with discussions by a group of traditional healers from Uganda, Africa.

Author’s Biography


CHAPTER 1 El Ultimo: Chenchito, the Last of the Fidencista Healers

CHAPTER 2 Introduction to Medicinal Plants
2.1 Plants of the Southwest
2.2 Medicinal Plants for the Digestive System
2.3 Medicinal Plants for the Nervous System
2.4 Tinctures and Microdosis

CHAPTER 3 Juice Therapy (Jugoterapia)

CHAPTER 4 Introduction to Spiritual/Energetic Cleansings and the Evil Eye
4.1 Spiritual Cleansing with Laurencio
4.2 Healing Fright and Shock (Susto)
4.3 Spiritual Cleansings with Velia
4.4 Burning Incense for Harmonizing

CHAPTER 5 Intestinal Blockage (Empacho)

CHAPTER 6 Shawl Alignment (Manteadas)

CHAPTER 7 Introduction to Healing with Fire, Earth, and Oils
7.1 Fire Cupping (Ventosa)
7.2 Geotherapy
7.3 Healing with Herbal Oil

CHAPTER 8 Temazcal
8.1 The Native American Sweat Lodge
8.2 The Temazcal Experience in Mexico
8.3 The Temazcals in New Mexico
8.4 For Men and Women
8.5 A Temazcal Experience by Rita Navarrete

CHAPTER 9 Healing with Laughter, Sound, and Music
9.1 Laugh Therapy (Risaterapia)
9.2 Healing through Sound
9.3 Healing with Music


CHAPTER 10 Introduction to the Influences of African Folk Healing
10.1 African Traditional Medicine from Uganda
10.2 African Healing through Music from Gabon

CHAPTER 11 Contributions of Afro-Latino Healing
11.1 Introduction to Afro-Latino Traditional Healing
11.2 Afro-Latino Healing through Music and Dance
11.3 Afro-Cuban Healing Techniques
11.4 Afro-Puerto Rican Healing Modalities

CHAPTER 12 Sacred Tobacco of Peru/Medicinal Plants for Women

CHAPTER 13 Herbal Smoke for Healing

CHAPTER 14 Creating Sacred Spaces for Healing

CHAPTER 15 Native American Feather Healing

CHAPTER 16 Bonesetter (Huesero)

CHAPTER 17 Mayan Traditional Healing
17.1 Introduction to Mayan Traditional Medicine
17.2 Mayan Acupuncture
17.3 Mayan Abdominal Massage

CHAPTER 18 Introduction to Traditional Body Work
18.1 Body Adjustment
18.2 Spinal Adjustment

CHAPTER 19 Hydrotherapy (Healing with Water)

CHAPTER 20 Tonalli Cleansing

CHAPTER 21 Traditional Healing for Infants and the Aging Community
21.1 Introduction to Traditional Healing for Infants and the Aging Community
21.2 Traditional Healing for Infants
21.3 Traditional Healing for the Aging Community

CHAPTER 22 Healing Grief through Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)


Eliseo Torres

Eliseo “Cheo” Torres began studying curanderismo, the art of traditional medicine, when he visited Espinazo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico with his mentor, Dr. Stanley Bittinger in the 1980s, and was fascinated with the Fidencista curandero festival. Soon after this experience, he met his teacher, Chenchito, and began studying the famous curandero, el Niño Fidencio. Since then, he has written several publications and books on the topic and has taught a number of courses on traditional medicine. His latest books on his life in traditional medicine and his research on the subject area are: Curandero: A Life in Mexican Folk Healing (2005) and Healing with Herbs and Rituals: A Mexican Tradition (2006). He also teaches a two-week course and an online class on the topic of curanderismo. His most recent courses are now offered online and this publication can be used to supplement these courses or be enjoyed by  individuals who are not in the course.

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