Customer Experience Management: Enhancing Experience and Value through Service Management

Author(s): Jay Kandampully

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Copyright: 2014

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Although a nascent field of research, customer experience management has become an important research and management topic in today’s interconnected world…

Customers are no longer passive participants of the firm’s value proposition, but are actively involved in the co-creation and co-ownership of the brand. However, research has repeatedly shown that a firm’s external image is often a reflection of how its employees experience the firm. Thus, ensuring that both customers and employees are positively invested in this co-creation and managing the customer experience has never been more important in maintaining the brand image inside and outside the organization.

Customer Experience Management: Enhancing Experience and Value Through Service Management highlights how service management can be most effectively used to create positive customer experiences in all industry sectors.

Customer Experience Management: Enhancing Experience and Value Through Service Management represents a paradigm shift in how we think about customers and employees; customers and employees are perceived as partners, with an equal stake in the firm, rather than as external entities. Managers who conceptualize their offerings as essentially service offerings (experiences) and an outcome of the customer-employee relationship will gain a new understanding of their business, and will be well placed to design and re-engineer customer experiences that can produce a positive impact both outside and inside the organization.

Intended to help business students at all levels of education along with managers in all industries, Customer Experience Management: Enhancing Experience and Value Through Service Management

  • Helps collate present understanding - to build both research and management expertise in customer experience.
  • Provides a detailed overview of how operations, marketing and human resources can be effectively used to ensure a positive customer experience. In all industry sectors, a positive or negative customer experience can primarily be attributed to the service offered by the firm. Thus, service management concepts have a direct application in all organizations that aim to offer superior value to their customers and leading to customer loyalty, market leadership, and profitability. 
  • Addresses various customer focused aspects of organizations from a service management perspective. It offers the reader a series of management concepts - covering operations, marketing, and human resources - all of which are capable of being effectively incorporated into any organization. 

  1. Managing Customers Shared Experiences through Brand Communities 
    Jay Kandampully, The Ohio State University, USA
  2. Brand as the Beacon to Guide Employee-Customer Interactions
    David Solnet, The University of Queensland, Australia
    Ceridwyn A. King, Temple University, USA
  3. Managing Customer Experience Through Internal Marketing
    Vicent Tortosa, Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, Spain
    Miguel A. Moliner, Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, Spain
    Rosa M. Rodríguez, Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, Spain
  4. Leveraging Customer Experience Communication 
    Elina Jaakkola, University of Turku, Finland
    Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, University of Turku, Finland
    Allan J. Kimmel, ESCP Europe, Paris, France
  5. Designing Service Interfaces for customer Engagement in the Creation of Value
    Katrien Verleye,Ghent University, Belgium
  6. Value Co-creation in Health Care Services: The Role of Multiple Stakeholders
    Kande Kazadi, University of Antwerp, Belgium 
    Charlotte Reypens, University of Antwerp, Belgium
    Sarah Van Oerle, University of Antwerp, Belgium
    Annouk Lievens, University of Antwerp, Belgium
  7. From Managing to Co-creating Service Experience with Customers
    Anu Helkkula, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
  8. Co-creation Experiences as the Basis for Value Creation in the Sustainable Fashion Industry 
    Miguel A. López-Navarro, Universitat Jaume 1, Spain
    Cristina Lozano-Gómez, Universitat Jaume 1, Spain
  9. The Power of Consumers in the Process of Co-creation Value 
    Jung-Hwan Kim, University of South Carolina, USA
    Minjeong Kim, Oregon State University, USA
  10. Applying Service Management Concepts to Enhance the Customer Experience in Retailing 
    Alison M Dean, University of Newcastle, Australia
    Sylvie E Rolland, Université Paris Dauphine, France
  11. Co-creating Spa Customer Experience
    Sonia Ferrari, University of Calabria, Italy
    László Puczkó, Budapest College of Communication and Business, Hungary
    Melanie Smith, Budapest College of Communication and Business, Hungary
  12. Customer Experience in Spectator Sports 
    Nicholas D. Theodorakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 
  13. The Service Environment – From Impacting the Customer to Facilitating the Customer Experience
    Jörg Pareigis, Karlstand University, Sweden
  14. Sharing Experiences via Social Media as an Integral Part of the Service Experience
    Andreas Munzel, Toulouse University, France
    Werner H. Kunz, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA 
  15. e-Commerce Experience Optimization for Service Companies
    Anil Bilgihan, Florida Atlantic University, USA
  16. Strategies to Avoid or Recover Negative Customer Experiences 
    Silke Bambauer-Sachse, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  17. Delivering Superior Firm Performance Through Holistic Customer Experience Strategies
    Phil Klaus, ESCE International Business School, France
  18. Fostering Experience for Servitizing Firms: The Case of the Automobile Industry
    Bart Larivière, Ghent University, Belgium
    Sharon Vandousselaere, Ghent University, Belgium
  19. Understanding What It Takes to be Number 1: A New Approach for Determining Key Drivers Analysis in Polygamous Markets 
    Alexander Buoye, Ipsos Loyalty, USA
    Timothy L. Keiningham, Ipsos Loyalty, USA
    Luke Williams, Ipsos Loyalty, USA
    Lerzan Aksoy, Fordham University, USA
  20. Customer Experience Exemplars 

1. Haidilao Hotpot Restaurant
Jun Luo, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Martin J. Liu, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Alain Chong, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
2. O2
Linda Nasr, The University of Manchester, UK
Jamie Burton, The University of Manchester, UK
3. Ashford Castle Hotel
Vikas Kumar, University of West of England, UK
Malcolm Brady, City University, Republic of Ireland
4. Angry Birds
Apramey Dube, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
5. China Mobile Group
Christina Zhang, The Ohio State University, USA
6. Front Runner
Anupama Sukhu, The Ohio State University, USA

Jay Kandampully

Jay Kandampully Ph.D., is professor of service management and hospitality at The Ohio State University, USA. He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Service Management, and serves on the editorial advisory board of 12 refereed international journals. Jay also serves as the CTF International Fellow at the University of Karlstad, Sweden, and International Fellow at the University of Namur, Belgium. He holds a PhD in service management, and an MBA, with a specialization in services marketing, both from the University of Exeter, England. Jay is the author of the book “Services Management: The New Paradigm in Hospitality” (translated into Chinese). He is also editor of the following books: “Service Management: The New Paradigm in Retailing” (translated into Chinese); “Service Management in Health & Wellness Services”; “Customer Experience Management: Enhancing Experience and Value through Service Management”; and, the lead editor of the book, “Service Quality Management in Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure” (translated into Chinese, Korean and Arabic). Jay has published over 130 articles. His publications have appeared in journals such as: Journal of Service Management, European Journal of Marketing, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, The Service Industries Journal, Journal of Services Marketing, Managing Service Quality, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, and The Journal of Product & Brand Management.

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