Discover the Power of Music Listening: A Music Listening

Author(s): Linda Marcel

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2008

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Discover the Power of Music Listening is a workbook designed as a secondary text for college level music appreciation courses. Activities emphasize the elements of music and vocabulary through listening exercises. A CD-ROM is packaged in the back of each workbook. Appendix I offers a glossary of vocabulary words in the format of flash cards, while Appendix II gives a basic outline and suggestions for a concert critique paper. The workbook can be integrated into the evaluation process at the discretion of each instructor.


Pre-Course Survey

Introduction 1
  What will a music appreciation class do for you?  
 What this workbook will do for you  
 Objectives and Outcomes  
 How Music Affects Us
 What Is Music  
 Basic Listening  
 ACTIVITY 1 - In Class - Awareness of the Three Levels of Listening

Melody 9
 Listening to Melody
 ACTIVITY 2 - Steps and Leaps
 ACTIVITY 3 - In Class - Melodic Contour
 ACTIVITY 4 - Contour and Phrases
 Jingle Bells
 ACTIVITY 5 - Pitch Direction
 ACTIVITY 6 - In Class - Drawing Lines to Depict Melody
 ACTIVITY 7 - Gregorian Chant - Dies Irae

Rhythm 27
 ACTIVITY 8 - In Class - Duple Meter Exercises
 Conducting Duple Meter
 ACTIVITY 9 - In Class - Triple Meter Exercises
 Conducting Triple Meter
 ACTIVITY 10 - Duple or Triple Meter
 ACTIVITY 11 - In Class - Quadruple Meter and Beyond
 Compound Meters
 ACTIVITY 12 - In Class - Listening for Rhythm

Harmony 45
  ACTIVITY 13 - In Class - Harmony
 Textures in Harmony
 ACTIVITY 14 - Popular Music and Monophonic Texture
 ACTIVITY 15 - Homophonic Texture
 ACTIVITY 16 - Polyphonic Texture
 ACTIVITY 17 - Identification of Harmonic Textures
 ACTIVITY 18 - In Class Major and Minor Tonality
 Structure in Music
 ACTIVITY 19 - In Class - Binary Form
 ACTIVITY 20 - In Class - Structure in Music
 ACTIVITY 21 - Theme and Variations
 ACTIVITY 22 - In Class - Sonata Form

Charting Music Listening Assignments
 ACTIVITY 23-38 - Charting Music Listening Assignments

20th Century Style
  ACTIVITY 38 - Suggested 20th Century Style Projects
 Aleatoric (chance) Music
 Music Concrete

Score Sheet

Post-Course Survey

  APPENDIX I - Vocabulary
 APPENDIX II - Concert Critique



Linda Marcel

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