Discovering the Living Ocean: A Manual of Field and Laboratory Activities

Author(s): Paul Detwiler

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2010

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Discovering the Living Ocean provides an engaging, easy-to-read, and relevant marine biology manual for students who have no previous background in biology.

This text uses a variety of exercises and activities that challenge and inspire students to learn more about the ocean and the multifaceted disciplines that marine biologists employ in their work: microbiology, zoology, phycology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and oceanography (to name a few).

An accompanying instructional DVD helps students understand the procedures being used in each activity and takes them through the steps required to complete each lab. This DVD contains 21 high-quality video segments with 83 minutes of content, including 20 minutes of narrated video microscope footage highlighting anatomical features and behavioral traits of 27 species of marine plankton and meiofauna.

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The wide range of activities allows instructors the flexibility to choose labs that are feasible for their classroom use, their students' abilities, their time constraints, and their resources in the classroom and the field.

Watch the Ultimate Loligo Dissection from the NMEA Annual Conference workshop, June 2011: 


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Microscopy: Use of the Compound and Dissecting Microscopes in the Marine Biology Laboratory
Parts of the Microscope
Preparation of Wet Mounts
Microscopic Measurements
Oil Immersion
Dissecting Microscopes

Examining the Properties of Seawater
Temperature and Density
Salinity and Density
Determining Salinity
Salinity and Buoyancy
Temperature, Salinity and Density Relationships
Dissolved Oxygen
Web Explorations

Classifying and Identifying Marine Invertebrates
Exercise in Creating a Key
Key to Marine Invertebrate Phyla

Observing and Describing Marine Life
Pair Drawing Exercise

Marine Microbiology
Plating Seawater and Sediment Samples
Streak Plate Technique
Smear Preparation
Gram Stain
Web Explorations

Antimicrobial Effects of Marine ExtractsDisc Diffusion Method
Web Exploration

Observing Plankton
Zooplankton Response to Light
Quantification of Plankton Sample
Plates of Marine Plankton

The Effects of Pollution on Phytoplankton Growth
Theory of Monitoring Growth
Serial Dilution
Use of Spectrophotometer
Web Explorations

Phycology: The Study of Marine Algae
Overview of Major Groups
Seaweed Identification
Making Pressings of Marine Algae

Invertebrate Zoology: Phylum Porifera
Sponge Feeding and Filtration Rate
Spicule Preparation
Web Exploration

Invertebrate Zoology: Phylum Cnidaria
Observations of Hydra
Nematocyst Studies
Anemone Feeding Responses
Hard Coral Study
Atoll Formation

Cephalopod Adaptations
Dissection of the Squid: External and Internal Anatomy
Web Explorations

Invertebrate Zoology: Marine Arthropods
Observations of Marine Chelicerates
External and Internal Anatomy of a Crab
Web Explorations

Phylum Echinodermata: Sea Urchin Biology
External and Internal Anatomy
Fertilization in the Sea Urchin

Ichthyology: External and Internal Anatomy of a Bony Fish
Fish Dissection
Web Explorations

Physiology: Temperature Effects on the Metabolism of Marine Ectotherms
Temperature Effects on Daphnia
Temperature Effects on Goldfish
Experimental Design
Observing Blood Circulation in Goldfish

Marine Mammals: Anatomy and Physiology
Skeletal Modifications
Skull Adaptations
Tooth Formulae
Physiological Responses to Deep Diving (Mammalian Diving Response)
Web Explorations


Oceanography Activities on a Pier or Dock
Secchi Disc
Water Sampling
Dissolved Oxygen and Biological Oxygen Demand
pH, Salinity, Temperature, Density, and Nutrient Measurements
Plankton Collection
Calculation of Plankton Density
Benthic Sampling with a Grab
Species Identification
Web Explorations

Fouling Community
Sampling and Sorting Procedures
Guide to Fouling Community Animals
Web Explorations

Rocky Intertidal Zone
Species Checklists
Scavenger Hunt
Mollusk Measurements
Tidepool Comparisons: Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Transect Survey using Quadrats

Sandy Beach Survey
Beach Survey
Construction of an Elevation Profile
Determining the Particle Size Distribution of Beach Sediment
Web Explorations
Meiofauna Collection and Laboratory Study
Sampling with a Seine Net

Ornithology: Observing Coastal Birds
Observations of Behavior
Creating a Research Proposal
Recording Field Notes
Checklists of Coastal Birds (Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic)


Metric System
How to Convert Metric Units
Exercises in Volume, Mass, Temperature
Tables of Metric System Units

Glossary of Marine Biology Terms
(with Latin and Greek Prefixes and Word Roots)

Bibliography of Field & Identification Guides for North American Marine Organisms (Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic) 

Depth Zonation of the World Ocean
Oceans and Seas

Table of Beaufort Sea State  

Paul Detwiler

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