Discovering Spain

Author(s): Enrique A. Lopez

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 100

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Discovering Spain is an interactive textbook that covers 13 chapters with some of the latest information about the second largest country geographically in the European Union. Apart from the usual text, each chapter contains multiple hyperlinks to expand the main body text and also each chapter includes a section called ‘discussion’ with questions for the students to answer. Written in English, its primarily goal is to attract students in General Education and Liberal Arts who have an interest in Spanish culture. Because of the nature of these courses that are taught in English, this eBook has been intentionally written in English. Also, most Spanish programs in North American universities normally include a second-year course taught in English about Spanish culture. Ultimately, this textbook aspires to create a bridge between those students who are registered in a minor/major program in Spanish as well as to attract other students with an interest in Spain. This inclusiveness of Discovering Spain extends to the broad range of students around the world, and offers a factual, lively, and sometimes inevitably political view of contemporary Spain.

Chapter 1: Geography
Ethnic Minorities 
Entry Requirements 
Flora and Fauna 
Natural Resources 
Camino de Santiago

Chapter 2: History
Historical Facts 
Loss of the Last Colonies
Two Dictatorships in the Twentieth Century 
La Transición 
The Transition 2.0 

Chapter 3: Language
Official Languages in Spain 
Status of the Spanish Language in the World 

Chapter 4: Politics
Flag and Capital of Spain 
Some Important Documents 
Spanish Constitution 
The Armed Forces 
The Ombudsman 
Territorial and Administrative Organization 

Chapter 5: Gender
Global Perspective 
Spanish Historical Context 
Domestic Violence and Discrimination

Chapter 6: Architecture
World Heritage Sites 
Arab and Jewish Legacy 
Diverse (Multi)Local Styles 
Famous Local Architects 

Chapter 7: Painting
Important Museums and Great Spanish Artists 
Searching New Painters in the Twenty-First Century 

Chapter 8: Gastronomy
Irritating Foodies but with an Obesity Problem Too 
Traditional Dishes 
Modern Cuisine 
Best chefs and restaurants with Michelin stars 
The Wine Industry 

Chapter 9: Covid-19
A Global Pandemic with Different Approaches 
Late Estado de Alarma 
Lessons from Canada and Italy 

Chapter 10: Unemployment
The Perpetual Pain of Spain 

Chapter 11: Nationalisms
Spanish Citizenship? 
Transforming Spain 3
Café para todos 
Victims of a Scam

Chapter 12: Multiculturalism
Is Spain a Multicultural Country? 
Spain’s Lack of a Multiculturalism Policy 
Immigration and Diaspora 

Chapter 13: Bullfighting
La fiesta nacional 
The Bullfighting Legacy 
New Statistics and Changes on Bullfighting

Enrique A. Lopez

After spending ten years in the UK where he finished his degree in Hispanic Studies, and then he obtained his MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Liverpool (1996) and his Ph.D from the University of Durham (2003), in 2004 he moved to Calgary (Canada) where he has been working as a Spanish Professor for Mount Royal University. Over the past fifteen years he has published around forty peer reviewed articles in different academic fields as well as three books, which highlight three major areas of his research –Spanish feminism, Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Literature from Spain and the Hispanic Caribbean, and, Hispanism. In 2017 he became Full Professor of Iberian Studies at Mount Royal University. He currently lives and works in Calgary with his wife and two children.  

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ISBN 9781792416262

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