Elementary Classroom Management

Author(s): Gloria Kirkland-Holmes

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 260


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Many teachers find that approximately one half of all classroom time can be taken up with activities other than instruction.

Elementary Classroom Management prepares future teachers with effective training and strategies that allow them more instructional time and less management of behavioral challenges.  The publication discusses the many issues that can help support classroom teachers, administrators, as well as families in better understanding the importance of effective classroom approaches. Timely topics include poverty among students, violence, school safety, and more.

Elementary Classroom Management by Gloria Kirkland-Holmes:

  • Helps families in preparing their children to succeed in our schools
  • Assists teachers in engaging students so that they take steps toward becoming independent learners.
  • Helps readers begin a critical review and an assessment of current practices and encourages them to consider potential action for addressing student behavioral issues.

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 2 Poverty Continues Among America’s Children

CHAPTER 3 Corporal Punishment from Infancy through Middle-High School

in the United States and Elsewhere

CHAPTER 4 What Educators Should Know about Some Arab Americans

CHAPTER 5 Human Trafficking: What Went Wrong for Children?

CHAPTER 6 So Now You Don’t See Color

CHAPTER 7 Violence, Bullying and Aggression

CHAPTER 8 All Those Questions about Religion in the Schools

CHAPTER 9 Messages from the Dean of College of Education

CHAPTER 10 Using Literacy to Teach Cultural Competency and Genuine

Diversity Experiences

CHAPTER 11 Children of Incarcerated Parents

CHAPTER 12 Teachers Dealing With Shocking Experiences

CHAPTER 13 Hip Hop

CHAPTER 14 Real Shocking Experiences: Can You Handle Them?

CHAPTER 15 African Children’s Songs: A Legendary Teaching Tool

CHAPTER 16 Amish Families

CHAPTER 17 Asian American Families

CHAPTER 18 The Digital Divide in the United States

CHAPTER 19 Positive Discipline Strategies

CHAPTER 20 What Does It Take to Stop the Killing of Our Girl Babies?

CHAPTER 21 School Safety

CHAPTER 22 One Time I Didn’t Know

CHAPTER 23 Are Schools Helping or Hurting Black Girls?

CHAPTER 24 African American Males: Plotting a Path to Success in Life

CHAPTER 25 What A Group of University Students Said: Racism and Discrimination Are

Real on College Campus

CHAPTER 26 Education: Welcoming Mats for All Children and Families


Gloria Kirkland-Holmes

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ISBN 9781465288776

Details Print Product Only (SA,CP, Pak, all Print)