Elements of Physical Geology: An Interactive Experience

Author(s): Mark A Tinsley

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022

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Physical geology is an exciting and dynamic scientific discipline. However, students who take physical geology in an online format often fail to experience the science fully because they are forced to complete virtual, non-tactile lab exercises that are uninspiring and only marginally instructive.

Elements of Physical Geology: An Interactive Experience fuses and textbook and lab manual to change all of that!

In the 15 chapters that follow, the student will not only read about the wonders of geology, but he/she will also complete hands-on lab exercises designed to reinforce important concepts as well as motivate student learning. We trust you will thoroughly enjoy this interactive experience and want to learn more about the Earth and its processes.


1 Minerals

2 Igneous Rocks and Volcanism

3 Sedimentary Rocks

4 Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

5 Geologic Dating I: Basic Relative Dating Methods and Fossil Identification

6 Geologic Dating II: Correlation, the Geological Column, and Radioactive Dating

7 Plate Tectonics

8 Rock Deformation and Mountain Building

9 Earthquakes and Seismology

10 Topographic Maps

11 Streams and Groundwater

12 Mass Wasting

13 Glaciers

14 Economic Geology and Resources

15 Oceans And Coastlines




Mark A Tinsley

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ISBN 9781792493270

Details Print Prod w/Kit 180 days