Enhancing Performance and Well-Being in College and Beyond

Author(s): Eric-Gene Shrewsbury

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

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In Enhancing Performance and Well-Being in College and Beyond, the author engages students in a conversation about his life and his experiences as he provides them with information that will not only help them in college, but also with the tools to excel after graduation. Focused on preparing current community college students for future employment, the author incorporates research conducted by leaders in Fortune 400 companies and leading entrepreneurs so students will have an advantage over other applicants. His unique approach mixing philosophy, martial arts, and personal stories creates an enjoyable means to enhance performance and well-being in college and beyond.

Chapter 1: Starting Our Journey
Let’s Start the Journey
Understanding Life
Kung Fu and Your Life
Working Together
My Background
Finding Your Strength

Chapter 2: Your Personal History and Understanding the College Culture
Thinking About the Future
Your Attitude about Learning in the Classroom
Learning Outside the Classroom
Refocusing and What It Means for You
Understanding Your Needs in College
Bringing Everything Together

Chapter 3: A Circle of Enhanced Performance
Improving Our Skills
The Circle of Enhanced Performance

Chapter 4: Self-Awareness
Understanding the Workforce
Taking the First Steps
Putting Everything Together and Moving Forward

Chapter 5: Self-Management, Learning, and Well-Being
Understanding Self-Management
Understanding the Learning Process
Getting Ready for Learning
Paying Attention
Time to Practice
Growth and Reflection
Reflecting on Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Chapter 6: Becoming a Professional and Planning for the Future
Understanding Professionalism
Getting the Most from College
Planning for the Future



Eric-Gene J. Shrewsbury has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction and has taught for more than 20 years. His research focuses on helping students develop personal tools and skills to overcome obstacles that commonly hinder success in college and reaching academic as well as personal goals. He has taught in middle and high schools, but the majority of his experience has been teaching at a small rural community college. As a first-generation at-risk student, he uses his personal experiences and struggles in life by demonstrating how to develop skills in emotional intelligence or soft skills that Fortune 500 companies are seeking in future employees and leaders.

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ISBN 9781792460210

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