Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management

Author(s): Lee Swanson, Grant Wilson

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 186


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This publication explores essential concepts related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology commercialization. It provides insight into the fundamental ideas, models, practices, and strategies of technology-intensive entrepreneurial ventures. Drawing on the academic and professional experience of the authors, this book is grounded in theory yet managerially practical. The range of topics explored in this book have been empirically validated by research and endorsed in management practice. It is unlike most innovation and technology commercialization books, as it takes a managerial, as opposed to a scientific, perspective. In doing so, it uniquely prepares individuals with entrepreneurial and management capabilities for the innovation-focused and technology-centric business environment of the future.

About the Authors

Chapter 1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2 The Entrepreneurial Environment

Chapter 3 Market Needs, Opportunity Recognition, and Design Thinking

Chapter 4 Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Chapter 5 Business Models

Chapter 6 Business Planning

Chapter 7 Financing Entrepreneurship

Chapter 8 Business Set-Up, Start-Up, and Growth

Chapter 9 Strategic Entrepreneurship

Chapter 10 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 11 Technology Development

Chapter 12 Strategic Alliance Management

Chapter 13 Learning from Failure


Lee Swanson

Dr. Swanson teaches entrepreneurship classes as a faculty member with the Department of Management and Marketing at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan. His research interests include entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, social and economic capacity building through entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. He is the author of Successful Business Plan Development: A Process Approach, another book published by Kendall Hunt. He has also published articles in Journal of Business Ethics, Social Entrepreneurship Journal, and others.

Grant Wilson

Dr. Wilson is a faculty member in the Department of Management and Marketing at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan. He teaches strategic management, entrepreneurship, and technology commercialization courses. His current research interests include entrepreneurship, management strategy, innovation, and organizational learning. Dr. Wilson has published in the Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Journal of High Technology Management Research, Journal of Innovation Management, and other esteemed academic journals.

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ISBN 9781792441257

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