Environment & Health in the 21st Century

Author(s): Diane Ferguson, Kelly Fisher

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

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Environment & Health in the 21st Century offers the perspective that environmental health has a body of knowledge that can guide professional practice. It is an e-text resource rich with embedded internet links for nurses, health care, environmental health and public health professionals. It is a book for everyone. It is meant to provide both a foundational understanding of the health effects of many types of environmental exposures and, also, an easy access point to recommendations for reducing unhealthy exposures, resources and data bases for further research, advocacy networks and methods, possible product selection criteria, patient/public education, occupational and legislative policy. Environment & Health in the 21st Century addresses the baseline competencies of environmental health knowledge and offers a platform for further exploration.


Chapter 1: Some History and Background of Environmental and Public Health
Chapter 2: Common Routes of Exposure
Chapter 3: Principles of Toxicology, or What Makes a Poison?
Chapter 4: Common Sources of Exposures: Adventures in Epidemiology
Chapter 5: Low Energy Electromagnetic Radiation and Our Exposures
Chapter 6: Vulnerable Populations
Chapter 7: Climate Change and Human Health
Chapter 8: Exposure Assessments
Chapter 9: Case Studies and Principles of Environmental Health: Bringing It Home
Chapter 10: Advocacy at Many Levels
Chapter 11: Many Resources

Appendix A: Schools of Health or Nursing Offering Environmental Health Education
Appendix B: Environmental Health Movies

Diane Ferguson

Kelly Fisher

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ISBN 9781792467714

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