Environmental Science: A Systems Thinking Approach

Author(s): Jeff Klemens, Chris Pastore

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 190

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Environmental Science takes a Systems Thinking based approach to non-majors science education. The text integrates an introduction to systems thinking, including the practice of stock and flow modeling, with environmental science. The text progresses from simple models representing the flow of materials through ecosystems towards models that demonstrate increasingly complex and dynamic systems behavior. Each environmental science topic included is designed to demonstrate certain aspects of systems thinking practice.

The material in this textbook is based on a teaching approach that the authors employ in their Sustainability and Eco-Innovations class at Philadelphia University. In this class students make extensive use of systems modeling techniques in order to approach environmental science from a problem-solving perspective. The book is therefore designed to support an active learning environment, and is paired with video lectures, linked from within the text, that can be used in a flipped classroom environment.


UNIT I  Systems and Ecosystems

Chapter 1 Science, Models, and Sustainability

Chapter 2 Introduction to Stock and Flow Models

Chapter 3 Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles

UNIT II  Interactions in Systems

Chapter 4 Populations and Communities

Chapter 5 Ecological Economics

Chapter 6 Renewable Natural Resources and Their Management

UNIT III  The Big Issues

Chapter 7 Food and Food Technology

Chapter 8 Climate as a System

Chapter 9 Anthropogenic Climate Change

Chapter 10 Energy: Usage and Fuel

Chapter 11 Renewable Energy

UNIT IV  Problem Solving With Systems

Chapter 12 Climate Mitigation, Geoengineering, and Adaptation

Chapter 13 Pesticides, Pests, and Vectors

Chapter 14 Manufacturing and Waste

Jeff Klemens

Chris Pastore

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ISBN 9781524971335

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