Essentials of Business Communication for Emerging Professionals

Author(s): Laural L. Adams

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

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Essentials of Business Communication for Emerging Professionals introduces students to today’s professional communication practices and helps them develop key tools and habits to refine their communication skills and cultivate their executive presence — bridging the transition from student to professional.

The online course package is designed with a Project-based Learning approach and speaks to students where they are — with a contemporary tone and a focus on what students want: confidence, interpersonal skills, authenticity, presence, work-life balance, and a head start on a successful career. Students develop strategic resumes and cover letters that get interviews, learn to use stories to persuade and inspire, propose creative solutions to companies' real-world problems in ways that get them noticed.

Your students will learn how business communication practices, such as virtual meeting management, business etiquette, data visualization, and mindfulness, can help them reach their fullest career potential.

Laural L. Adams’ Business Communication for Emerging Professionals is:

  • Comprehensive! The content helps students cultivate creative problem-solving skills; strengthen their interpersonal skills and their ability to make team projects run smoothly; develop the courage to be their authentic selves, and learn how effective communication can persuade, inspire, and transform their personal and professional lives.
  • Multimedia!  Students can upload videos of their presentations, such as elevator pitches, behavioral interviews, and informational presentations, to receive time-stamped feedback; complete exercises to strengthen writing essentials, such as grammar and punctuation; take automatically-graded quizzes and reading questions; participate in a community of peers to reflect on issues that concern emerging professionals; practice personal branding and networking skills necessary for social media platforms like LinkedIn; and complete tutorials that help students successfully craft key learning-based projects, such as proposals, reports, and presentations.
  • Proven!  The content has helped hundreds of students shape their futures by learning to apply deep attention to discovering their emerging professional identities, s and strengthening their communication skills.


Project 1 Resume and Cover Letter
Project 2 Interview with a Professional
Project 3 Multimodal Research
Project 4 Proposal to Address a Problem or Opportunity
Project 5 Oral Presentations

Examples and Rubrics
Final Reflection

Laural L. Adams

Assistant Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business

Teaching Interests
Organizational Communication | Intercultural Communication in International Business | Business, Technical, & Professional Writing | "Meaningful Work” and Millennial Engagement | Online & Hybrid Courses (Quality Matters (QM) Certified)

Research Interests
Role of Mental Models in Organizations (e.g. Impacts of Leaders' Mental Models of Organizational Change on Followers) | Rhetorical Construction of Leaders and Leadership in Organizations | Affective Ecologies in Organizations (e.g. Role of Emotions in Leadership at Various Levels of the Organization) | Enhancing & Measuring Student Creativity | Contemporary Best Practices in Organizational Communication

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ISBN 9781792405211

Details KHPContent 180 days