Ethics for Visionary School Leaders: Setting Your Ethical Compass

Author(s): Gary Hoban, Daniel T Cunniff, DINA CASTILLO PACIS , Clifford Tyler

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 202


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This text, Ethics for Visionary School Leaders—Setting Your Ethical Compass (third edition), is designed for those students preparing to become school administrators and those interested in the topic. It combines classical and more contemporary ethical philosophy with current everyday ethical matters today’s school administrators face. The text also includes educational ethical dilemmas based on current, real life situations that students and their instructors can jointly discuss and resolve.
The authors, who have served as school administrators and professors of educational administration, have presented the material in a straight forward, direct way that should appeal to today’s students who have so many demands on their time.  It is the authors’ intent and hope that readers find the text to be a useful combination of the theoretical and the practical that provides them with a solid foundation for making ethical decisions and gives them a problem based opportunity to actually make those decisions.


Chapter 1 Why Do We Study Ethics?

Chapter 2 Philosophical Foundations of Ethics

Chapter 3 Codes of Ethics, Principles, and Standards for School Leaders

Chapter 4 Diversity and Ethical Decision Making in the Schools

Chapter 5 School Leadership and Ethics from a Woman’s Perspective

Chapter 6 The Real World of Ethical Problems and School Leadership: Case Studies

Chapter 7 Some Concluding Thoughts

Gary Hoban

Dr. Gary Hoban has recently retired as a full-time faculty member at National University, a university initially designed to primarily serve the needs of adult, graduate-level students. For 21 years he has been a professor of educational administration and served as the founding chair of the Educational Administration Department, a position he occupied for many of those years. He has also served as the University’s Dean of Graduate Studies, interim associate provost, and interim dean of the School of Education. Dr. Hoban has numerous publications from over the years, including work dealing with the concept of self-efficacy, online education, and school leadership. He has also presented at a number of national and international conferences. Prior to his work at National University, Dr. Hoban served for 25 years as a public school teacher and administrator in California, primarily as a curriculum supervisor, assistant superintendent for both instruction and personnel, and as an interim superintendent. He holds a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles, a Master of Arts in Teaching (English) from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Arts from the
University of Notre Dame.


Daniel T Cunniff

Daniel T. Cunniff, Ph.D. is the senior editor of this textbook, and was the past interim chair of the Department of Educational Administration in the School of Education, at National University based in La Jolla, California. He holds a B.S. and M.S. from Northern Illinois University, and a Ph.D. from Walden University in Educational Administration. Dan has been a teacher at all grade levels, a principal, an assistant superintendent in Fairbanks, Alaska, and a superintendent of schools in the north county of San Diego. Dr. Cunniff has worked as an international business consultant and was an educational advisor to American Samoa’s Educational Television System. Educational technology and Leadership have been a large part of Dr. Cunniff ’s research agenda and he has published the textbook “Ethics for Visionary School Leaders”, was lead editor for the textbook “Innovative Educational Leadership through the Cycle of Change”, and has presented internationally. Currently, Dr. Cunniff is working at National University as a professor and the lead faculty for the Department of Educational Administration. He was the State Treasurer for the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration, has been an active member of CAPEA for a decade, and a recipient of National University’s Professoriate Award.


Clifford Tyler

Dr. Clifford Tyler has been a full-time faculty member at National University in the Department of Educational Administration for the past ten years, including 18 months as the Department Chair. While serving at National University, Dr. Tyler has made numerous presentations at both national and international conferences in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America. He has written numerous professional
journals and online articles on higher education/school district partnerships, online education, education leadership, and school district finance issues. Prior to his work at National University, Dr. Tyler served as both a district and county
schools superintendent for 20 years in K–12 districts ranging in size from 200 students to 12,500 students in Oregon, Washington, California, and New Hampshire. He also served as headmaster of a private independent school for two years, has been both an elementary and high school principal for eight years, and a classroom teacher for six years, including the American School in Japan. Dr. Tyler holds an EdD from the University of the Pacific in Educational Administration, an MEd from the University of Oregon in Elementary Education, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University.

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