Evaluation and Integration of Digital Media in the Early Childhood Classroom

Author(s): Han Liu

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020


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As the open education movement has been blooming for more than a decade in PK-12 education, digital media for teaching and learning manifested in OERs (Open Educational Resources) have increased exponentially in quantity, variety, and more pedagogically sound designs along with emerging cutting-edge technology. Teachers in early childhood education integrate digital media on a daily basis for their classroom instruction and assigned student learning activities at home or in other digital environments. While celebrating the boundless immensity and easy accessibility of digital media, teachers are increasingly facing constant challenges in identifying high quality OERs for lesson planning and instruction. There is an imperative need to integrate digital media in the classroom following the developmentally appropriate principles for the vast majority of teachers in early childhood settings. Evaluation & Integration of Digital Media in the Early Childhood Classroom introduces the strategies and techniques in logical steps of OERs’ searching, curation, evaluation, and integration. At the instructional level, the book presents an evaluation-based ETACS model to demonstrate how to use digital media to engage learners, teach content, assess learning, create digital projects, and share learning results. Evaluation & Integration also covers popular topics and related online tools in digital learning environment management, digital curriculum management, STEM education, computational thinking, and coding instruction for young children.


Chapter 1 Digital Media for Young Children
Digital Media Literacy for Young Children
Open Educational Resources (OERs)
Creative Commons and Copyright of OERs
OER (Digital Media) Providers
Types of OERs
Trends of Digital Media Development

Chapter 2 Digital Tools for Teacher and Young Children
Frequently Used Digital Tools for Teachers
Digital Tools for Classroom Management and Indoor Activities
Digital Tools for Young Children
Digital Project Design for Young Children
Digital Learning Environment Management Tools

Chapter 3 Digital Media Searching Strategies
General Search Engines
Child Friendly Search Engines
Comprehensive OER Websites as Search Engines
Subject Specific OER Websites as Search Engines
Video Hosting Websites as Search Engines
Special OER Curation Websites as Search Engines

Chapter 4 Digital Media Curation
Digital Tools for OER Curation
Organization of OERs
School Librarian as OERs Curator

Chapter 5 Digital Media Evaluation for Instruction
Guidelines for Digital Media Evaluation
Standards Aligned Digital Media
Digital Media Evaluated by Professionals
Evaluation of Technology Facilities in the Classroom
Evaluation of School Technology Support Resources
Digital Media Evaluation Rubrics for Specific Digital Media Formats
Evaluation Rubric-01-Website
Evaluation Rubric-02-Videos
Evaluation Rubric-03-Game
Evaluation Rubric-04-Quiz
Evaluation Rubric-05-Interactive
Evaluation Rubric-06-Audio
Evaluation Rubric-07-Image
Evaluation Rubric-08-Organizer
Evaluation Rubric-09-Online Tools
A Simplified Digital Media Evaluation Form

Chapter 6 Digital Media Integration Strategies
Planning Guidelines for Digital Media Integration
Digital Media Adaptation and Manipulation
Creating Digital Media by Teachers Themselves
Differentiation with Digital Media
Accommodation of Student Special Needs with Digital Media

Chapter 7 Digital Media Integration and Instruction Modalities
Blended Learning
Flipped Classroom Model
ETACS Lesson Model
BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)
Sample Lesson Plans (see the following pages)
Sample Flipped Classroom Lesson for Young Children
Sample ETACS Lesson for Young Children
Sample Lesson for Toddlers with iPad Apps
Sample Lesson for Kindergarteners with iPad Apps

Chapter 8 Digital Media for STEM Education and Coding Instruction
Part A. STEM Education
Academic Standards Related to STEM Education
STEM Instruction Models
Online Resources for STEM Instruction
Online Resources of STEM for Teachers
Part B. Coding Instruction
Content Standards for Coding
Coding Tools (Robots) for Young Children
Coding Programs for Young Children
Collection of Coding Lesson Plans and Activities

Chapter 9 Partnership with Parents
Five Approaches to Build a Strong Classroom Teacher-Parent Partnership
Digital Media Literacy Education for Parents
Help Parents Access Quality Digital Media for Young Children

Chapter 10 Teacher Professional Development in Digital Learning Environment
Build a Learning Community
Build a Three-Party Partnership through Student Teaching Program
Attend Conferences and Webinars
Participate in and Contribute to the Digital Learning Community
Digital Media Curation for Professional Learning

Appendix 1 National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (2017)
Appendix 2 National Educational Technology Standards for Students (2016)
Appendix 3 K-12 Computer Science Standards (2017)
Appendix 4 Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8
Appendix 5 Selected Examples of Effective Classroom Practice Involving Technology Tools and Interactive Media
Appendix 6 Selected Examples of Digital Media for Desktop and Laptop Computers
Appendix 7 Selected Examples of Online Tools for Desktop and Laptop Computers
Appendix 8 Selected Examples of Apps for Tablet Computers and Smartphones
Appendix 9 Selected Examples of Online Tools for Tablet Computers and Smartphones

Han Liu

Dr. Han Liu, associate professor at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, is a passionate teacher educator and instructional technology advocate with over 26 years of experience in teacher education including roles as an English teacher for K-8 ELL students, middle school social studies teacher, curriculum designer, and web developer. He has been an active researcher and presenter to demonstrate and promote instructional technology and OERs at local, state, regional, national, and international conferences.

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