Evolution of the Bolivian Economy

Author(s): Antonio Bojanic

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

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Chapter 1 – Trade
• Overview
• Trade by Countries
• The Evolution of Exports
• Period 1929–1945
• Period 1966–2017
• Exports of Traditional Goods
• Exports of Non-traditional Goods
• The Evolution of Imports

Chapter 2 – Prices
• Evolution of Prices
• Consumer Prices
• Exchange Rates
• Interest Rates
• Behavioral Pattern of all Prices

Chapter 3 – Income
• Evolution of Income
• Gross Domestic Product Since 1940
• GDP by Economic Activity
• GDP by Type of Expenditure
• GDP by Department
• Quarterly GDP by Economic Activity

Chapter 4 – Money and Reserves
• Overview
• Money
• International reserves

Chapter 5 – Government
• Overview
• Government Operations
• Tax Collection by Departments
• Decentralization of Government Functions

Chapter 6 – Debt
• Overview
• Debt and Debt-Service Payments Relative to GDP and Exports

Chapter 7 – Poverty
• Overview
• Inequality and Human Development
• Poverty and Access to Basic Services

Table 1a: Total Exports and Imports, 1900-2017 (CIF Values, Current US Dollars)
Table 2a: Trade by Countries as a Share of Total Exports and Total Imports, 1929-2017 (values expressed in %)
Table 3a: Structure of Exports (millions of current US Dollars)
Table 4a: Yearly Exports of Minerals (thousands of current US Dollars)
Table 5a: Yearly Exports of Hydrocarbons (thousands of current US Dollars)
Table 6a: Exports of Non-Traditional Products (thousands of current US Dollars)
Table 7a: Structure of Imports (millions of current US Dollars)
Table 1b: Bolivia: Monthly Consumer Price Index, 1937-2018 (Base Month: January 2015)
Table 2b: Yearly Exchange Rate, Bs/$ and Bs/British Pound, 1886-2017
Table 3b: Monthly Exchange Rates Bs/$ on the Official Market
Table 4b: Monthly Exchange Rates Bs/$ on the Parallel Market
Table 5b: Real Lending and Saving Interest Rates, in Bolivianos (Bs) and in US Dollars (%)
Table 1c: Yearly GDP, Nominal and Real US Dollars, 1940-2017
Table 2c: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Economic Activity, 1958-2017
Table 3c: Gross Domestic Product Growth, by Economic Activity (in %)
Table 4c: Share of Each Economic Activity on Gross Domestic Product (in %)
Table 5c: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Type of Expenditure, 1964-2017
Table 6c: Gross Domestic Product Growth, by Expenditure (in %)
Table 7c: Share of Each Type of Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product (in %)
Table 8c: GDP by Department (Current US Dollars)
Table 9c: GDP Growth, By Department (%)
Table 10c: GDP per Capita by Department (Current US Dollars)
Table 11c: GDP per Capita Growth, By Department (%)
Table 12c: Share of Each Department on National GDP (%)
Table 13c: Quarterly GDP by Economic Activity, 1990-2018 (thousands of current US Dollars)
Table 14c: GDP Quarterly Growth, by Economic Activity, 1990-2018 (%)
Table 15c: Share of Economic Activity on GDP, 1990-2018 (%)
Table 1d: Money Supply (M1), in old Bolivianos
Table 2d: Foreign Reserves of Central Bank of Bolivia (millions of current US Dollars), 1929-2017
Table 1e: Central Government Operations (current US Dollars)
Table 2e: Tax Collection Revenues by Department (thousands of current US Dollars)
Table 3e: Decentralization Indicators
Table 1f: Total Internal and External Debt
Table 1g: Poverty Indicators

Antonio Bojanic

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