The Excellent Instructor and the Teaching of Dance Technique

Author(s): Nora Ambrosio

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2018


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Dance educators have the responsibility to provide students with excellent and positive dance experiences.

The Excellent Instructor & the Teaching of Dance Technique provides practical, detailed information that covers multiple facets of dance pedagogy. Author Nora Ambrosio uses her experience as dance educator, as well as research on current pedagogical methods, to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice. She covers the fundamentals of teaching dance, how to best educate and instruct students, and discusses the qualities that define an excellent instructor. Tailored specifically to the needs of both established and budding dance educators, the publication examines the fundamentals of both what to teach and how to teach in order to have a positive and lasting impact on students' comprehension, learning, and love of dance. 

Ambrosio’s The Excellent Instructor & the Teaching of Dance Technique:

  • Features Discussion Questions and Creative Projects at the end of each chapter to promote critical thinking and hands-on application of chapter concepts.
  • Provides numerous dramatic photos throughout to illustrate text information.
  • Includes a variety of instructor resources: suggested readings; magazines, periodicals & newspapers; dance DVD and digital media distributors; dance floor information; dance on the internet; and workshops & dance organizations for dance educators.

Chapter One—An Introduction to Dance Pedagogy
The History of the Teaching of Dance
The Elements of Dance—Space, Time and Energy
Discussion Questions
Creative project

Chapter Two—The Fundamentals of Teaching Dance Technique
The Necessary Fundamentals
The Components of a Dance Technique Class
Elements to Include in a Technique Class
The Warm-up
Across-the-floor and Center Floor Combinations
Additional Fundamentals of Teaching Dance Technique
Developing the Class Lesson
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Chapter Three—Alignment
Alignment and Body Posture
The Importance of the Aligned Pelvis
Stacking the Building Blocks
The Basic Movements
Demi Plié
Hindrances that Affect Executing Correct Alignment
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Chapter Four—Imagery
Imagery as a Teaching Tool
Types of Imagery
The Benefits of Using Imagery
Using Visual Imagery to Correct Alignment
Using Kinesthetic Imagery to Assist Students in Understanding Concepts
Using Direct Imagery to Enhance Performance Skills
Using Indirect Imagery to Create a Mood, Feeling or Environment
Using Tactile Imagery to lead Students to Relaxation
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Chapter Five—Critical Thinking
What is Critical Thinking?
Specific Methods for the Dance Technique Class
Introducing the Concept of Critical Thinking in the Dance Technique Class
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Chapter Six—Assessment
What is Assessment?
An Assessment Process for Dance
Assessment, Grading and Reporting
Evaluating the Instructors
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Chapter Seven—The Excellent Instructor
Key Concepts for Excellent Teaching
Characteristics and Traits of the Excellent Instructor
What Instructors Can Expect From Students
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Chapter Eight—Establishing Policies for Effective Teaching
Developing Important Policies
Answering “What if…?” Questions
Other Considerations
Discussion Questions
Creative Projects

Instructor Resources
Suggested Readings
Ballet: History and Criticism
Biographies and Autobiographies
Dance Education
Dance in World Cultures
Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre and Tap Dance
Modern Dance: History and Criticism
Philosophy and Aesthetics
Related Topics
Magazines, Periodicals and Newspapers
Dance Video and DVD Distributors
Dance Floors
Dance on the World Wide Web
Workshops and Organizations for Dance Educators

Nora Ambrosio

Nora Ambrosio, Professor and Chairperson of The Dance Department at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, received her M.F.A. in Dance from Smith College in Massachusetts. At Slippery Rock University since 1988, Ms. Ambrosio has been instrumental in developing their highly acclaimed dance program. In addition to serving as chairperson, Ms. Ambrosio teaches Dance History, Dance Composition, Teaching of Dance and Senior Synthesis. She has also served as the Artistic Director of Slippery Rock University Dance Theatre. In 1989, she developed Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment for Slippery Rock University’s Liberal Studies program. Other publications include The Excellent Instructor and the Teaching of Dance Technique, published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company., 2008.

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