Exploring the Field of Kinesiology

Author(s): Andrew L. Shim

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2022


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Exploring the Field of Kinesiology has the resources that students need to obtain and survive a promising career in the field of kinesiology. This textbook assists students in determining their goals, and in selecting the right specialization or field of study. Beginning with the identification of kinesiology, this text invites students to look at the different career opportunities that are within this field and aids in preparation for their early career.

Chapter 1: Identifi cation of Kinesiology

Step I: How Do I Begin?

Step II: Finding the Right Program

Chapter 2: What Is a Mentor and Why Do I Need One?

Characteristics of a Good Mentor

Peer Mentors

Sage Mentors

Chapter 3: Setting Proper Goals and Time Management Skills

How Does One Start Goal Setting in This Field?

Time Management Skills

Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Stimuli

Rewards Concept

Review and/or Reflections

Roadblocks and Potholes

Chapter 4: What Job Fits You in Kinesiology?

Recognizing Job Characteristics

Student Clubs and Professional Memberships

Internships or Cooperative Experiences/Volunteerism

Chapter 5: Clinical Professions

Athletic Training

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Chapter 6: Coaching Professions in Sport or Sport Instruction

Important Qualities That Head and Assistant Coaches Should Possess

Junior to Senior High School Assistant and Head Coaches

Community College, Four-Year Institution Assistant and Head Coaching

The Strength and Conditioning Coach

Chapter 7: Teaching Careers

Elementary-Level Teaching Careers in the Field of Kinesiology

Secondary Teaching Careers in the Field of Kinesiology

Two- or Four-Year Institutions of Higher Education

Chapter 8: Sport Management Careers

What Is Sport Management?

Facility and Event Management in Sport Management

Intercollegiate Sport Management

Professional Sport

Chapter 9: Corporate Wellness

The Six Dimensions of Wellness

Rationale of Implementing Corporate Wellness in Companies in the United States

What Are the Advantages to the Employee?

Important Qualities That a Corporate Wellness Specialist Must Possess

Job Duties of a Corporate Wellness Specialist

Training, CEUs, Degree, License, Advancement—Corporate Wellness Specialist

Chapter 10: Research in Kinesiology


Chapter 11: Early Career Do’s and Don’ts

You Earned the Job, Now What?

Student Debt: Do I Really Need All That Student Loan Money to Fund My Education?

Goal Setting for the Immediate Future

Graduate School: Is This for everyone?

Professional Organizations and Career Networking

Chapter 12: How to Maintain the Excitement as a Kinesiology Professional during Mid-career

Characteristics That You Have Graduated to a Mid-career Professional

Making the Transition

Andrew L. Shim

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