Exploring With Wisconsin Fast Plants

Author(s): Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

Edition: 1

Copyright: 1997

Pages: 302


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Exploring with Wisconsin Fast Plants
by Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

Exploring with Wisconsin Fast Plants is a resource manual targeted for middle school and elementary teachers, but widely used as a source of ideas for high school and college levels. Exploring with Wisconsin Fast Plants takes an exploratory approach to Fast Plants. It includes complete growing information and dozens of classroom activities. Nine sections assist teachers in aligning with AAAS Benchmarks and National Research Council National Standards for Science. View all Wisconsin Fast Plants titles.


Friendly and Accessible Science with Fast Plants

Section 1: Where Do Fast Plants Come From?

The Making of Wisconsin Fast Plants
The Relationship of Fast Plants in the Plant Kingdom
Around the World with Brassicas

Section 2: Let's Grow Fast Plants

Before you begin
What is included in the Fast Plants kit?
Stages in the life cycle
Cycle of Life
Keeping track of things
Grower's calendar
Suggested activities
Tips and suggestions
Illustrated growing instructions
Troubleshooting and tips
What If's: What can we do now?

Section 3: Exploring the Life Cycle of Fast Plants

How to use an exploration
Chapter 1: Germination
Chapter 2: Plant Growth
Chapter 3: Flowering
The Nectar Quest, page
Chapter 4: Pollination
Bees and Brassicas: A Partnership in Survival, page
Chapter 5: Double Fertilization and Seed Pod Development
Embryogenesis, page
Chapter 6: Seed Maturation and Dispersal
What can you teach with a seed pod? page

Section 4: The Influence of the Environment on Plant Growth

Chapter 7: Nutrition
Photosynthesis, page
Chapter 8: Bioassays with Fast Plants
Chapter 9: Tropisms
The Hypocotyl Hypothesis, page
The Crucifer Cross, page
Chapter 10: Modifying the Atmosphere
Chapter 11: Salt Effects on Plants

Section 5: Variation, Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 12: Getting a Handle on Variation
Chapter 13: Fast Plants and Families
Family Data Chart, page
Pod Data Chart, page
Chapter 14: Hairy's Inheritance
Observing the Phenotype, page
Chapter 15: Plant Breeding

Section 6: Energy and Nutrient Recycling

Chapter 16: Biocolumn Composting
Chapter 17: Fermentation: Making Kimchee in Soda Bottles

Section 7: Stories, Modeling and Games

Story of the First Fast Plant
Speedy Bee and the Brassica Morning
Brassica Flower role playing game
Build a Brassica
Brassica Word Match
Plant Crossword and key
Brassica Bingo
Design a Plant

Section 8: Environment, Lighting and Alternative Growing Systems
Environmental Parameters
Seeing the Light
Plans for constructing light racks and light banks
Alternative Growing Systems

Section 9: Supplementary Materials for the Teacher

In case you've forgotten your plant biology
Interdisciplinary activities
Learning objectives


Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

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ISBN 9781465230355

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