Exploring the World of Plants: General Botany Laboratory Manual

Author(s): Amanda Chau

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 284


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Exploring the World of Plants: General Botany Laboratory Manual by Amanda Chau:

  • Is an excellent companion to Introductory Plant Science. Lab exercises are arranged to complement the lecture materials and provide hands-on experience to enhance student understanding of plant biology.
  • Each lab exercise has a pre-lab and lab worksheet. The pre-lab portion is designed to help students get ready for the lab session. The lab worksheet is designed to help students organize and record their observations, results, and conclusions.
  • Is instructor friendly! To help preparing for the labs, preparation guide and checklists are provided.


Welcome to General Botany

Understanding Lab Safety

Lab 1 Using the Compound Light Microscope and Making Wet Mounts

Lab 2 Observing Cells in Action

Lab 3 Taking a Closer Look at Roots

Lab 4 Taking a Closer Look at Stems

Lab 5 Taking a Closer Look at Leaves

Lab 6 Exploring Flowers and Constructing Floral Formula

Lab 7 Testing for Essential Organic Molecules

Lab 8 Investigating Photosynthesis

Lab 9 Investigating Aerobic Respiration, Fermentation, and Enzyme Action

Lab 10 Observing Diffusion and Osmosis in Action

Lab 11 Solving Mendelian Genetics Problems

Lab 12 Isolating DNA

Lab 13 Surveying Autotrophic Protists

Lab 14 Surveying Other Autotrophs: Cyanobacteria and Lichens

Lab 15 Taking a Closer Look at Mitosis and Meiosis

Lab 16 Comparing Nonvascular Plants: The Bryophytes

Lab 17 Comparing Seedless Vascular Plants: Lycophytes, Ferns and Their Allies

Lab 18 Taking a Closer Look at Seed Vascular Plants: The Gymnosperms

Lab 19 Taking a Closer Look at Seed Vascular Plants: The Angiosperms

Appendix I: Using the Dissecting Microscope

Appendix II: Guidelines for Scientific Drawing

Appendix III: Guidelines for Plant Collection and Identification

Amanda Chau

Amanda Chau is a professor in the Division of Natural Science at Blinn College in Texas. She received her M.Sc. in forestry from University of Toronto and Ph.D. in biological sciences from Simon Fraser University. At Texas A&M University, she conducted her postdoctoral studies on manipulating fertilization as a management tactic against pest insects on greenhouse crops. She taught courses in entomology, horticultural and floricultural entomology, and principles of biological control. In 2007, Dr. Chau joined the faculty at Blinn College and has been teaching freshmen courses in biology and botany. Dr. Chau believes that we learn best as a community and strives to cultivate a learner-centered community with her students. She looks forward to exploring the fascinating world of plants with both her students and those who read this textbook.

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ISBN 9781465280039

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