Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight: Mental Toughness for Everyone


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Copyright: 2021

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Mental toughness (MT) is a scientifically validated, well-researched concept that builds upon constructs such as resilience, grit, mindset, risk assessment, and other areas of interest to a wide range of professionals. It has its roots in sports performance, but has a wide range of applications in numerous fields. 

MT is the ability to recognize our perception of life’s challenges and how we approach (or avoid) difficult situations. MT has a great deal of evidence to support its use in education, psychology, social work, medicine, business, and coaching, among other areas.  

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight is a highly readable, user-friendly book that draws on robust evidence and incorporates lessons from history, sociology, psychology, pop culture, and personal and clinical examples.  Readers will learn about what MT is, how it can be assessed, and how it can be applied to their professional and personal lives.  Specific strategies for enhancing performance using MT are included!

Afterword and Acknowledgements
About the Author

What I Hate About Mental Toughness
Defining Mental Toughness
I’m Neither a Navy SEAL nor an Elite Athlete
My Journey with Mental Toughness
Why Mental Toughness?
Mental Toughness and the Normal Curve
Just Do It and Other Bad Advice
What Lies Ahead

CHAPTER 1 Mental Toughness, Mental Sensitivity, and Mental Flexibility
Mental Toughness: The 4C Model
The Evolution of Mental Toughness
Contemporary Psychology Theory and Mental Toughness
Mental Toughness and Resilience
Mental Toughness and Hardiness
Mental Toughness and Psychobiology
Self-Assessment of Mental Toughness
Developing Mental Toughness: When Being Special Doesn’t Feel Special
The Formation of Mental Toughness—Suffering Not Required
Mental Toughness as a Trait, Not a State
Mental Toughness and “Coping” vs. “Working Through”
The Power of the Situation and Mental Toughness
Toughness, Sensitivity, & Flexibility
Mental Sensitivity
Mental Flexibility
Summary and What Lies Ahead

An Exemplar of Mental Toughness
The 4Cs of Mental Toughness: Control, Commitment, Confidence, and Challenge
Mental Toughness and You

CHAPTER 3 Control 71 Control and Self-Efficacy
The Language of Control
Do We Really Have Control?
Life Control
Learned Helplessness, Negative Cognitive Triad, and Right-Sizing a Gym
Life Control and Mindset
Life Control and the Locus of Control
Emotional Control
What Is Emotional Control?
Emotional Control as Camouflage
Emotional Control and Jedi Mind Tricks
Emotional Control: An Essential Component of Success
Emotional Control and the Human Condition
Emotional Control and Collective Conflict
Emotional Control and Social Media
Emotional Control and Language
Wrapping Up

CHAPTER 4 Commitment
Plans Gang Aft Agley
Identity Status and Development
The “C” Word
Goal Orientation
Goals and Telephone Poles
Achievement Orientation
The Darkness and the Light of the Achievement Orientation
The No-Win Situation
Knowing When to Stop
Arrival Fallacy
Wrapping Up

CHAPTER 5 Challenge
Problems v. Opportunities
Challenge and Learning to be Helpless (and Hopeful!)
Risk Orientation
Go West—But Maybe Plan a Bit Too!
Learning to Push Boundaries: Ice Caking and Other Misadventures
Risk in Relationships: Moving Beyond Basic Strategies
What Does Your Headvoice Say? How a Noncommittal Grunt Can Start a Fight?
Learning Orientation
The Short Path: Heuristics in Learning
Being Open to Learning
Learning Through Observation and Experience: The Peanut Butter Sandwich of Frustration
Napster and Moral Risk-Taking
Learning Orientation and Identity
Relational Learning
When Being “Gifted” Isn’t: Learning Orientation and Self-Awareness
Competition and the Learning Orientation
Wrapping Up

CHAPTER 6 Confidence
Confidence in Balance
Confidence in Abilities
Confidence in Abilities and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Confidence in Abilities and Social Success
“No Really, I’ve Got This”
Confidence in Abilities: Challenges
Confidence in Abilities: Balance
Interpersonal Confidence
Interpersonal Confidence and Empathy
Interpersonal Confidence and Persuasive Communication
Interpersonal Confidence and Social Engagement
Interpersonal Confidence at School and Work
Wrapping Up

CHAPTER 7 Making Mental Toughness Work
Back to Basics
Basics of Developing Mental Toughness
Coaching, Teaching, Managing, and Leading: Variations on a Theme
Mental Toughness at School
Mental Toughness at Work
Mental Toughness in Leadership
Developing Mental Toughness: A Counselling Approach
Process for Developing Mental Toughness
Wrapping Up



Dr. Brent Macdonald is a registered psychologist and educator who has worked with individuals with complex learning needs for over 25 years. He maintains an active psychological services practice with a focus on counselling and assessment. He is also a sessional instructor, adjunct associate professor, and sought-after public speaker who has appeared on CBC TV and Radio, CTV, Global Television, and CITY TV, among other media platforms. Additionally, Brent has also presented and been an invited keynote speaker at local, national, and international conferences. Brent has served as a leader in public education and advocacy with the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the American Psychological Association, among others.

Brent has worked extensively with children, adolescents, young adults, their parents, educators, administrators, coaches, athletes, and executives in a wide range of contexts including public, private, and charter schools, universities and other post-secondary institutions, along with corporate teams, and community parent groups. He is a passionate believer in human psychological wellness and the need for public awareness to enhance communities and reduce stigma associated with psychological challenges. 

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