Family Communication: Relationship Foundations

Author(s): Candice Thomas-Maddox, Nicole Blau

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2013

Pages: 242

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The definition of what a “family” is has changed dramatically over the past few decades….

Family Communication: Relationship Foundations features traditional as well as emerging diverse family types in the application and analysis of communication theories and concepts. From acknowledging the influence of family diversity to exploring the challenges presented by new technologies, this text provides a framework for describing, analyzing and strategizing for effective communication.

 Designed for both undergraduate and graduate-level family communication courses, Family Communication: Relationship Foundations:

  • Focuses on the evolution of communication phenomenon from a variety of perspectives - parent/child, sibling, and grandparent/grandchild.
  • Includes unique case studies of family communication throughout the lifespan to explicate theories and concepts.
  • Incorporates application-based exercises to assist the reader in identifying ways to integrate and use the concepts to enhance his/her own family relationships.
  • Encourages the reader to begin his/her journey by identifying their own family type and structure and exploring the influence of their family of origin in shaping current communication behaviors. 
  • Engages the reader by integrating popular culture examples drawing on the portrayals of family interactions in movies and on television.

Chapter 1 - What Is Family Communication?

Chapter 2 - What Is ‘Family’?: Exploring Diverse Family Types

Chapter 3 - Why Does My Family Communicate This Way?: Theories of Family Communication

Chapter 4 - Games Families Play: Power and Discipline in the Family Dynamic

Chapter 5 - Dark Side of Family Communication: Conflict and Violent Communication in Families

Chapter 6 - Culture and Family Communication

Chapter 7 - Let’s Talk About Stress: Family Responses to Challenging Situations

Chapter 8 - Technology and the Family

Chapter 9 - Balancing Work and Family

Chapter 10 - What’s Next in Family Communication Research?

Candice Thomas-Maddox

Candice Thomas-Maddox, Ed.D. (West Virginia University) is Professor of Communication Studies at Ohio University Lancaster. She has taught the Intro to Human Communication class for the past 16 years, in addition to teaching classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels in organizational, interpersonal, intercultural, and family communication. Candice has received a variety of teaching awards including the ECA Ecroyd Teaching Award, ECA Teaching Fellows honor, OUL Professor of the Year, and Ohio University’s RHE Outstanding Professor Award. She served as President for the Eastern Communication Association in 2010 and for the Ohio Communication Association from 2006-2008, and she also served as Executive Director for both organizations. Previous co-authored textbooks that Candice has published with Kendall Hunt include Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships and Family Communication: Relationship Foundations. She is also the co-author of Quantitative Research Methods for Communication: A Hands-On Approach.

Nicole Blau

cNicole Blau (Ph.D., University of Kentucky) is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Ohio University, Lancaster. Dr. Blau’s research may be found in Communication Quarterly, Journal of Health Communication, Ohio Communication Journal and the Florida Communication Journal. She is also a co-author of Family Communication: Relationship Foundations. Dr. Blau enjoys teaching group communication and working on research that examines the interpersonal nature of groups.

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ISBN 9781465222213

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