Family Violence Across the Life Course: Research, Policy and Prevention

Author(s): Sonia Salari

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 456


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Intimate partner violence, family abuse, neglect and exploitation exist for persons of all ages, so it is imperative to recognize the special vulnerabilities of victims and patterns of perpetration from early to later life.

Family Violence Across the Life Course: Research, Policy and Prevention offers a fresh look at the research, policy and prevention work related to family violence coming from an ecological and life course perspective.

Based on the author’s 20+ years of experience, Family Violence Across the Life Course: Research, Policy and Prevention:

  • Includes recognition of the process of cultural change as well as mounting evidence of survivor resilience, even under conditions of oppression.
  • Features the author’s various research projects that uncover some of the patterns of mistreatment across various populations and settings.
  • Features a recognition of a continuum, with combinations of types of maltreatment that may occur simultaneously. These abusive behaviors include sexual assault, confinement, psychological harm, coercive control, financial exploitation, neglect and even human trafficking. 
  • Examines the intended and unintended consequences of policy, laws and methods of enforcement and stresses the importance of further evaluation to improve to ensure optimal outcomes.

About the Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Family Violence across the Life Course: Research, Policy, and Prevention
Chapter 2: International Family Violence Across the Life Course
Chapter 3: Psychological, Emotional Abuse, and Stalking
Chapter 4: Physical, Injurious, and Fatal Family Violence
Chapter 5: Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
Chapter 6: Mistreatment of Elders and Adults with Disabilities
Chapter 7: Vulnerability of Diverse Populations
Chapter 8: Law, Police, Courts, and Victim’s Services
Chapter 9: Family Violence Policy Across the Life Course
Chapter 10: Family Violence Trauma, Resilience, Prevention, and Public Education


Sonia Salari

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ISBN 9781792436543

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