Film Style Mode

Author(s): James Curry

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 142


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Film Style Mode is a guide focusing on techniques the author believes are the foundations of what great storytelling and filmmaking are built upon. Whether you're creating shorts, music videos, features, commercials, documentaries or anything in between, you’ll find quick tips for camera setups, editing, and direction. You’ll also find guidance on actor adjustments, angles and compositions that lend themselves to your story, and how to run your set in a fair and equitable manner. What makes Film Style Mode truly unique is the access readers have to Case Study links that contain over eight hours of video from over eighty films the author has culled and edited from classic (and some not so classic) works of modern cinema. Many of which are referred to for analysis throughout. Our world expresses itself through a vast array of sounds, images and narratives that aspiring filmmakers can learn from and deepen through these lessons, case studies, and guidelines. In Film Style Mode, the author guides students through practical and pragmatic applications to complete and provides solutions to real world settings. Armed with these skills, anyone can craft their words, capture, organize and edit their images, and share their ideas with the world. By exploring and studying Film Style Mode, you'll learn not only the art and the craft, but gain new appreciation for film as both an art form and an entertainment.


Chapter One: Cinematic Language
Chapter Two: Narrative Elements
Chapter Three: Genre Expression
Chapter Four: Mis-en-Scene
Chapter Five: Sound + Image
Chapter Six: Art and Commerce
Chapter Seven: Image Creation
Chapter Eight: Screenwriting
Chapter Nine: Culture and Code
Chapter Ten: Acting and Directing

James Curry

Producer, director, writer, editor, and educator James Curry has been active in filmmaking for over 30 years. Educated at The American Film Institute, he earned his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. He has worked on numerous projects in Los Angeles and Minneapolis ranging from trailers, commercials, and music videos as well as broadcast for NBC, FOX, and ABC. Clients have included a documentary in collaboration with Prince. His fiction and nonfiction films have been selected and screened for various international film festivals including New York and the Twin Cities. In 2021, he was awarded the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship for Film and the 2021 Minnesota Regional Arts Council Next Step grant. He continues to teach film and production at Augsburg University while developing his next nonfiction work currently in preproduction.

Film Style Mode is a rainbow of ideas, insights, knowledge, advice, wisdom, information, inspiration, references, and examples.  It's short, but incredibly and wonderfully dense, teeming with spirit and energy.  Hear ye! Hear ye! -- there's a new film bible in town!  I can't wait to give it to my son Eli, an aspiring 17 year-old who's hungry to learn and eager to grow as a filmmaker.  I know he's going to read every word, learn many things, and benefit enormously.
Alan Berliner, Distinguished Filmmaker

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