Fitness and Your Health

Author(s): David C Nieman

Edition: 8

Copyright: 2016

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Fitness & Your Health has been written to satisfy the general education requirement for physical education. In many colleges and universities students are given the option to take a class that focuses on fitness and health issues. Fitness & Your Health uses a physical fitness approach to educate the student on the most important health issues of our time.

Fitness & Your Health features:

  • Illustrations and tables which reinforce fitness and health information presented
  • Health and Fitness Insight sections focusing on a topic of current interest
  • Chapter summaries highlighting important chapter information
  • Health and Fitness Activities - self-assessment questionnaires, surveys, testing activities, or other practical assignments
  • Chapter quizzes used to help students prepare for class exams
  • A pictorial outline of recommended exercise calisthenics, human anatomical charts, and an extensive glossary in the appendices
  • Supplementary materials - instructor PowerPoint presentations for each chapter and TestPak with more than 200 questions for preparing quizzes and exams



PART ONE An Introduction to Health and Fitness
Chapter 1 Health and Exercise in America
Chapter 2 The Meaning of Physical Fitness

PART TWO Testing for Physical Fitness
Chapter 3 Before You Start Exercising
Chapter 4 Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Chapter 5 Body Composition Measurement
Chapter 6 Assessment of Musculoskeletal Fitness

PART THREE Conditioning for Physical Fitness
Chapter 7 An Exercise Program for Total Fitness
Chapter 8 Nutrition, Health, and Physical Performance

PART FOUR Physical Activity, Health and Disease Prevention
Chapter 9 Prevention of Heart Disease
Chapter 10 Prevention and Treatment of Obesity
Chapter 11 Stress Management and Mental Health

Appendix A – Calisthenics for Development of Flexibility and Muscular Strength and Endurance
Appendix B – Major Bones, Muscles, and Arteries of the Human Body



David C Nieman

Related ISBN's: 9781524980863

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ISBN 9781524980863

Details eBook w/KHPContent Access 180 days