Fitness & Heatlh Fundamentals: A Resource Guide for Active Living

Author(s): Allison Nye, Donald Wilson

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 102


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Fitness Fundamentals, A Resource Guide for Active Living familiarizes students with the tools to help plan and develop an effective exercise program by providing key resources. Taking a practical approach, the handbook balances understanding and assessing fitness components with strategies for implementing and applying the basic concepts and principles of lifetime physical fitness. Fitness Fundamentals presents the necessary skills and useful information to guide students toward achieving their health and personal goals.


  • Wellness labs
  • Personal reflection activities
  • Guidelines for fitness assessments
  • Goal setting checklist
  • Behavior change contract
  • Nutrition analysis and daily food log
  • Measuring and determining target heart rate
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Circuit and interval training workouts
  • Dynamic warm-up exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Fitness charts
  • Walking journal
  • Critical thinking and discussion questions

Chapter 1: Course Syllabus and Outline
Purposes of the Course
Course Objectives
Workout Facility Information
Get to Know Your Classmates

Chapter 2: Understanding and Assessing Health, Wellness, and Fitness
Five Components of Health
Six Components of Skill
Personal Feelings about Physical Fitness
Fitness and Wellness Questionnaire
Living Long and Healthfully: A Self-Test

Chapter 3: Preparing for Physical Activity
Are You Ready to Exercise?
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q)
Fitness Assessments
Physical Fitness Assessment Record Form
Extra Credit

Chapter 4: Achieving Goals and Behavior Change
SAM—Specific, Attainable, Measure
Goal Setting Checklist
Behavior Change Contract
Stages of Lifestyle Change

Chapter 5: Assignments
Favorite Food Analysis
Daily Food Log
Stress Assignment
Measuring Your Heart Rate
Determining Your Target Heart Rate
​Karvonen Formula Chart
Perceived Exertion Rating Scale
Perception of Exertion Assignment
Body Composition Assessment

Chapter 6: Sample Workouts
Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises
Cardiovascular/Muscular Strength/Endurance and Flexibility Workout
Bodyweight Exercises
Bodyweight Circuit and Bodyweight Exercises for Interval Training
Cool Down

Chapter 7: Fitness Logs
Cardiovascular Training Log (2)
Physical Activity Record (2)
16 Week Physical Activity Log
Resistance Training Log
Resistance Training Record
Designing and Implementing a Progressive Fitness Plan
Flexibility Program Log

Chapter 8: Fitness Journal

Chapter 9: Discussion Questions
Cardiovascular Fitness
Muscle Fitness
Body Composition

Allison Nye

Donald Wilson

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ISBN 9781524988210

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