Fitness Walking

Author(s): Jeff Bolles

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 108


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Fitness Walking is more than just a textbook dedicated to the world’s most popular fitness activity. Fitness Walking is a comprehensive guide to both understanding and mastering walking for fitness. With chapters dedicated to the basics on proper warm-up and cool down, nutrition, the biomechanics of walking, strength training for walkers, and training for walking performance, Fitness Walking can help walkers of all fitness levels improve their walking performance as well as enjoy their walking time even more than they already do. Students should enjoy the practicality of Fitness Walking, as the images, tables, timely tips, and “In Perspective” pieces all aid in the application of the learned material. Further, the content is contemporary and useful, which makes it a terrific resource for anyone looking to improve his or her walking comfort, efficiency, or performance. Teachers and students alike will appreciate the “In Practice” activities for adding an additional level of application on tear out pages that allow teachers to assess their students’ comprehension of each chapter’s material. Fitness Walking is a simple, straight forward, and complete guide to improving one’s health through an activity that has no boundaries. No matter one’s location, daily schedule, age, fitness level, etc., Fitness Walking is a terrific resource for a healthier and happier life.

1. Introduction

A. Why Walk?

B. How to Use This Book

2. Technology and Equipment for Walking

A. Introduction

B. Clothing

C. Shoes

D. Safety

E. Tracking

F. Conclusion

3. Testing Your Fitness

A. Introduction

B. Body Composition

C. Flexibility

D. Muscular Strength

E. Muscular Power

F. Muscular Endurance

G. Aerobic Power

H. Conclusion

4. Warm-Up, Stretching, and Cool Down

A. Introduction

B. The Physiology of Warm-Up

C. Types of Stretching Protocols

D. When to Stretch

E. The Benefits of Cool Down

F. Conclusion

5. Mechanics of Walking

A. Introduction

B. Biomechanics of the Walking Stride

C. Walking Versus Running

D. Conclusion

6. Strength Training for Walkers

A. Introduction

B. Body Weight Strength Training

C. Strength Training in a Fitness Facility

D. Basics of Strength Training

E. Developing a Strength Training Routine

F. Conclusion

7. Advanced Walking Training

A. Introduction

B. Training for Endurance: Long Slow Distance (LSD) Training

C. Training to Improve Anaerobic Threshold: Threshold Training

D. Training to Improve VO: Interval Training

E. Sample Walking Workout Schedule

F. Conclusion

8. Walking for Weight Loss

A. Introduction

B. Nutrition Basics

C. Caloric Balance

D. Eating for Performance and Recovery

E. Conclusion

9. The Walking Lifestyle

A. Introduction

B. Goal Setting

C. Staying Motivated

D. Conclusion

Jeff Bolles

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ISBN 9781465296429

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