Food Preparation: A Laboratory Manual

Author(s): Kathy B Knight, Laurel Lambert, Beth Pace

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2023

Pages: 322


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Your students are about to embark on an adventure, learning about both the art and the science of food preparation. Perhaps no other topic of interest in America today has so many mediums devoted to its study. Everywhere you look there are magazines, books, website, and videos. Food even has its own network! Interest in food may lead your students to a career path or just enrich their personal lives. Food Preparation: A Laboratory Manual will reinforce the food science and culinary principles that students will learn in food preparation lectures and help them to learn techniques using demonstration and hands-on practice.

Food Preparation: A Laboratory Manual is designed to enhance the laboratory experience by providing relevant background information and recipes that have been favorites with the authors’ students. Also included are laboratory activities to help develop research skills, and laboratory reports that will not have to be reproduced elsewhere. New food trends and the use of innovative preparation methods are discussed as the way new generations of students approaches to food and meal preparation has changed over time.


  • Numerous illustrations of cooking equipment
  • Recipes with photos of prepared dishes
  • Measuring symbols and equivalents 

Preface and Acknowledgments 

Chapter 1 Introduction to Food Preparation Laboratory 

Chapter 2 Mise en Place               

Chapter 3 Flavorings and Seasonings

Chapter 4 Salads and Dressings

Chapter 5 Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 6 Stocks, Starches, and Sauces  

Chapter 7 Grains and Pasta         

Chapter 8 Meat, Poultry, and Seafood   

Chapter 9 Fats and Frying            

Chapter 10 Milk and Cheese      

Chapter 11 Eggs               

Chapter 12 Yeast Breads              

Chapter 13 Quick Breads

Chapter 14 Cakes, Cookies, and Frostings

Chapter 15 Pastry, Pies, and Tarts

Chapter 16 Sugar, Candy, and Chocolate

 Appendix A Descriptive Food Words       

Appendix B Ingredient Substitutions       


Recipe Index


Kathy B Knight

Laurel Lambert

Beth Pace

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ISBN 9798765706909

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