Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook

Author(s): Barbara Murphy, Brendan McConville

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020

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Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook Is Much More Than PDF Files….
It’s a Complete Music Theory Course!

Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook is designed to be much more than another textbook covering the fundamentals of music theory. Going beyond a series of simple PDF files, Foundations of Music Theory blends text and musical examples into web pages. Topics are provided in short, manageable pieces to enable the students to focus on and drill each topic before combining them into tools for music analysis.

Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook:

  • Is a concise approach to learning fundamentals. The material is organized into a series of 28 presentation-style QuickTime movies suitable for most internet browsers.
  • Is a comprehensive introduction to music theory. There are seven units covering topics ranging from musical sound to simple musical analysis. 
  • Is ideal for targeting various learning styles. Visual learners will connect with the presentation-style movies that include pictures and animation. Aural learners will appreciate the countless audio realizations of what they see. Readers will value the traditional text; boldface terms are defined in a glossary.
  • Has mobile technology in mind. Since all text and musical examples are packaged as QuickTime movie presentations, students can view and study music theory on their mobile devices (tablets and phones). 
  • Includes built-in drilling assessments. The text includes practice screens built right into the QuickTime movies. Students can also use practice quizzes to drill new topics
  • Allows simple integration with existing courses. Since the text and its assessments are entirely online, it links easily with course management systems.
  • Provides instructors with a syllabus, 100 pools of questions (over 4,000 multiple choice), and allows instructors to pull quizzes and worksheets for his/her course. 

Unit 1 – Introduction and Terminology
Unit 2 – Notation
Unit 3 – Rhythm
Unit 4 – Scales, Modes, and Key Signatures
Unit 5 – Intervals
Unit 6 – Triads and Seventh Chords
Unit 7 – Triads in Keys and Analysis

Barbara Murphy

Brendan McConville

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ISBN 9781792408854

Details KHPContent 180 days