Functional Design: A Multimedia Handbook for Public Relations and Advertising

Author(s): Ruth Massingill

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 210

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Functional Design: A Multimedia Handbook for Public Relations and Advertising provides practical tools to help readers design projects that are equally beautiful and effective. The text is geared towards students entering fields such as public relations, advertising, etc., guiding them through the creation of portfolio–worthy projects like those encountered on the job. With punchy, concise chapters and a litany of hands–on exercises, this text offers a streamlined, effective introduction to creating designs that work.


CHAPTER 1: Desktop Design - Getting from Then to Now
 Chapter 1 Hands-On

CHAPTER 2: Design Architecture - What Are the Ground Rules?
  Chapter 2 Hands-On

CHAPTER 3: The Personality of Type - Trends and Techniques
  Chapter 3 Hands-On

CHAPTER 4: Integrating Text and Images - Unifying the Layout
  Chapter 4 Hands-On

CHAPTER 5: Design for a Cause - Power to Inspire Action
  Chapter 5 Hands-On

CHAPTER 6: When Art & Functional Design Converge - Creative Technology
  Chapter 6 Hands-On

CHAPTER 7: Designing for Specialized Audiences - Niche Newsletters
  Chapter 7 Hands-On

CHAPTER 8: Promotional Brochures - When Print Has an Edge
  Chapter 8 Hands-On

CHAPTER 9: Showing Off - Presenting a Professional Design Portfolio
  Chapter 9 Hands-On

APPENDIX B: Student Examples and Worksheets

Ruth Massingill

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ISBN 9781524952839

Details Electronic Delivery EBOOK 180 days