Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Author(s): Roy Schwartzman

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2014


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Fundamentals of Oral Communication creates competent communicators. The text and online course package presents students with a fundamental understanding of the world of communication and provides them with practical insights on how to implement the knowledge in the real world.


Roy Schwartzman’s Fundamentals of Oral Communication:


  • Is Comprehensive!  The content includes interpersonal communication, group communication, and presentational communication / public speaking.
  • Is Interactive! Various speaking opportunities for students empower them to evaluate and construct clear and coherent arguments for diverse contexts.
  • Is Practical! Reflection and analysis is used to introduce students to the principles and basic skills necessary to build and sustain relationships in society.
  • Is Student Friendly! Chapter Outlines, Featured Multimedia Presentations, and Highlights / Conclusion make it easy for students to prepare for and assess the knowledge presented in each chapter.
  • Is Instructor Friendly! Apply Your Knowledge vignettes, automatically graded chapter exams, and gradebook make the transition to this publication virtually seamless.

Chapter 1: Foundations of Communication

Chapter 2: Communicating Confidently and Competently

Chapter 3: Self and Others: Identities and Cultures

Chapter 4: Listening

Chapter 5: Verbal Communication

Chapter 6: Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 7: Research Techniques

Chapter 8: Supporting Your Ideas

Chapter 9: Organization and Outlining

Chapter 10: Presentation Aids

Chapter 11: Speakers, Speeches, and Audiences

Chapter 12: Informative Presentations

Chapter 13: Persuasive Presentations

Chapter 14: Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter 15: Managing Conversations and Conflicts

Chapter 16: Communicating with Technology

Chapter 17: Interviewing

Chapter 18: Small Group Communication

Chapter 19: Group Roles and Behaviors

Appendix A: Special Occasion Speeches
Appendix B: Sample Speeches and Case Studies

Roy Schwartzman

Related ISBN's: 9781465299321, 9781524900250

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ISBN 9781465299321

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