The Fundamentals of Speech Communication in the Digital World

Author(s): Regina M Williams Davis, Tracey Booth Snipes, Deana Lacy McQuitty

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 354


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Foreword by Regina Williams Davis


UNIT I HyperCommunication: Essential Concepts and Guidelines

CHAPTER 1 Everything Is Communication! by Regina Williams Davis

Organizing Your Thoughts . . . by Regina Williams Davis

The Interactive Bases of Communication: Foundation in the Cognitive Principles of Learning by Deana Lacy McQuitty

Thanks for Listening . . . by Regina Williams Davis         

CHAPTER 2 The Clear Communicator by Regina Williams Davis           

Voice and Diction by Johnetta Chavis

The Speaking and Listening Human: A Case for Communication Wellness by Carolyn M. Mayo and Deana Lacy McQuitty

Delivery Methods by Regina Williams Davis        

UNIT II HyperPerception: Perception, Culture, and Society    

CHAPTER 3 Perception as Making Sense of the World

Perception as Making Sense of the World by Myra M. Shird

Definition of a Redneck by Stephanie Sedberry Carrino

There’s a Redneck in My Backyard, HELP! A Case Study Perspective by Sheila M. Whitley

CHAPTER 4 Accurate Stereotypes: Do They Exist? by Myra M. Shird   

Perceptual Differences Based on Gender by Myra M. Shird and Regina Williams Davis      

Measuring Objectivity by Dwight Davis

CHAPTER 5 Perception and Social Media Influences

A Brief History of Social Media and Why We Are So Obsessed With It by Kim Smith

Not Having a Cell Phone is a Disability! by Zakeya Renay Mitchell

Perception and Social Media Influences on Political Communication with the Masses by Regina Williams Davis

Social Media Reflection by Brianna Bazile          

Improving Perception Competencies by Myra M. Shird    

The Portrayal of African American Males in the Media by Jordan N. Silverthorne

CHAPTER 6 Intercultural Communication by Stephanie Sedberry Carrino

Introduction to Intercultural Communication by Soncerey L. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Globalization and Intercultural Communication: Interwoven Themes by Andrea Patterson

Intercultural Communication by Stephanie Sedberry Carrino      

The Japanese Business Card Exercise by Daniel Richardson         

Cultural Perspectives of Political Understandings by Regina Williams Davis

CHAPTER 7 Nonverbal Communication

You Don’t Have to Say a Word! by Regina Williams Davis

CHAPTER 8 Ethically Speaking . . . by Regina Williams Davis   

Is It Ethical? by Zakeya Renay Mitchell   

Family- or Foster-Care? by Zakeya Renay Mitchell

UNIT III HyperRelationship: Communication with Self, Relationships, and Groups

CHAPTER 9 Who Am I? Really? by Regina Williams Davis

CHAPTER 10 Family Communication

Family Communication: Where It All Begins by Deana Lacy McQuitty, Carl McQuitty, and Claretha Lacy

The Close-Knit Family by Alexis Haynes  149 A Father’s Love Needed No Words by Dwight Davis   151 Family Communication: Another Interesting Perspective on Group Dynamics by Regina Williams Davis    

Family Communication and the Influence of Mother Interactions Based on

Socioeconomic Class by Deana Lacy McQuitty     

Formation of Initial Communication Patterns: The Emergence of Gender

Communication by Deana Lacy McQuitty

Is It a Girl or Boy? by Deana Lacy McQuitty         

Peer Modeling and the Continued Development of Gender Communication by Deana Lacy McQuitty

CHAPTER 11 Romantic Communication by Marissa Dick           

Diversity in Romantic Communication by Jasmine Blue

CHAPTER 12 Intimate Partner Violence by Ingram Land-Deans

CHAPTER 13 Friends and Peers by Tracey Booth Snipes         

Friends and Peers by Jabria Jackson

CHAPTER 14 IntraCultural Communication: Within a Marginalized Group

Elocutionist Hallie Quinn Brown: Public Speaking and the Cultivation of the Whole Person by Faye Spencer Maor

Inclusivity, Not Exclusivity, of the African American Vernacular English (AAVE) by Hope Jackson

African American Language Structure . . . Let’s Explain and Think Further by Deana Lacy McQuitty

Code Switching: The Communication Accommodation Theory into Practice by Deana Lacy McQuitty

Communicating a Socially Acceptable Identity in the Workplace: Lesbian Passing by Amanda M. Gunn, Ph.D.

Strategic Self-Presentation by Lesbians that Pass in the Workplace by Amanda M. Gunn, Ph.D.   

CHAPTER 15 Groups: Understanding and Working with Others! by Regina Williams Davis and Stephanie Carrino

Interpersonal Communication: An Exercise in Group Dynamics by Daniel Richardson

UNIT IV HyperProfessionalComm: Persuasion, Argumentation, Business Communication, and Careers in Communication

CHAPTER 16 Persuading with a Positive Purpose by Regina Williams Davis     

CHAPTER 17 Argumentation by Regina Williams Davis 

CHAPTER 18 Business and Professional Communication by Regina Williams Davis       

CHAPTER 19 Audience Analysis: “Don’t Talk to Strangers” by Myra M. Shird

CHAPTER 20 Careers in Communication Studies and Communication Sciences and Disorders

Careers in Communication Studies by Stephanie Sedberry Carrino and Regina Williams Davis

Careers in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology “The Caring Professions: Helping People Speak and Hear” by Deana Lacy McQuitty


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Regina M Williams Davis

Tracey Booth Snipes

Deana Lacy McQuitty

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