Author(s): Mario L. Hesse, Christopher J. Przemieniecki, Carter F. Smith

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 312


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Gangs specifically and sufficiently covers essential gang topics as well as new topics not found in any of the competing books in the marketplace. This text presents a traditional and brief overview of the history of gangs. It also includes four areas not extensively covered in other textbooks: Gangs and Corrections, Gangs and Law Enforcement, Gangs and The Law, and Gangs and The Media.


  • Features Gangs and the Media and Gangs in the Military; topics currently not covered in any other gangs textbook. 
  • Engages the reader with vignettes, points to ponder, and more! 
  • Provides students with an excellent overview and encourages them to discuss major issues, problems, policies and practices in the field of gang studies. 


As a supplement, it is appropriate for use in introductory law enforcement, corrections, or justice type courses. It can also serve as a primary textbook for a lower or upper-level gang course. 

Chapter 1 The Emergence of Gangs in the United States – Then and Now

Chapter 2 Theories of Gangs and Gang Membership

Chapter 3 Gangs and Mental Illness

Chapter 4 Girls and Gangs

Chapter 5 Gangs and Native Americans

Chapter 6 Gangs and the Police

Chapter 7 The Courts and Gangs: Laws, Legislation, and Injunctions

Chapter 8 Corrections: Prison Gangs and STGs

Chapter 9 Entrepreneurship, Finances, and Gangs

Chapter 10 Gangs in the U.S. Military

Chapter 11 The World of Sports, Athletes, and Gangs

Chapter 12 Gangs, the Internet, and Social Media

Chapter 13 Gang Prevention, Intervention, Suppression, and Best Practices

Mario L. Hesse

Mario L. Hesse, PhD is a full, tenured professor at the St. Cloud State University (MN) in the Criminal Justice Studies Department. He earned his PhD in sociology from the South Dakota State University. Mario has extensive experience working in the corrections field with adult community-based programs, in juvenile detention centers, and in the juvenile probation office in Minnesota. Mario has published articles in ACJS Today, Corrections Today, Criminal Justice Review, and the Journal of Gang Research. Currently, Mario is a peer-review editor for the Journal of Gang Research and an associate editor for Forensics Scholars Today. He is also the coauthor of a juvenile justice text book titled Juvenile Justice: The Essentials. Mario is a frequent presenter at the National Gang Crime Research Center annual conference held in Chicago, IL.

Christopher J. Przemieniecki

Christopher J. Przemieniecki, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the West Chester University (PA) in the Department of Criminal Justice. He earned his PhD in Criminal Justice from the University of North Dakota. Christopher has published articles about street gangs and other criminal-justice-related issues in ACJS Today and the Journal of Gang Research and has authored chapters in criminal-justice-related books. Christopher is also a periodic presenter at the National Gang Crime Research Center annual conference and speaks at other gang conferences around the country. Christopher is a member of the Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association and is a peer-review editor for the Journal of Gang Research.

Carter F. Smith

Carter F. Smith, PhD, JD is a Lecturer at the Middle Tennessee State University in the Department of Criminal Justice Administration. Carter received his PhD from the Northcentral University and his law degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Law. Carter is a retired U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) special agent with over 22 years of military and federal law enforcement experience including serving as team chief for the U.S. Army’s first Gang & Extremist investigations team. Carter has numerous publications focusing primarily on gangs in the military and has been featured on the History Channel’s Gangland series. He is also a peer-review editor for the Journal of Gang Research, as well as Criminal Justice Policy Review and the Security Journal, and he is on the Editorial Board of Slavery Today. Carter is an Executive board member of the Tennessee Gang Investigators’ Association and also a frequent presenter at the National Gang Crime Research Center annual conference.

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