GenderSpeak: Communicating in a Gendered World

Author(s): Diana K. Ivy

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 444


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The World of Gender and Communication is Constantly Changing.

To meet the needs of this evolving environment, Diana K. Ivy’s GenderSpeak, has been reformatted into a more coherent, three-part structure and includes a new chapter dedicated to nonverbal communication as it relates to sex and gender. 

Written for students in undergraduate and graduate level courses that focus on the effects of sex and gender on the communication process or as a supplement to interpersonal communication courses.GenderSpeak: Communicating in a Gendered World:

  • Is Practical!  The publication features updated research and information from popular literature from a wide variety of contexts (friendships, romantic relationships, media, internet, workplace, etc.).
  • Is Current! New and broadened information about intersex, asexual, and transgender identities are integrated within the text.
  • Promotes Comprehension! Case Studies, Hot Topics, Net Notes, and Remember vignettes assess comprehension and help the reader connect theory to real-life scenarios.
  • Is Easy to Adopt! Visual aids, chapter outlines, lecture notes, and test items are provided to adopting instructors.


PROLOGUE: The Impact of Social Movements on Gender Communication: You Must Know Where You’ve Been to Know Where You’re Going
Learning “Herstory” 
Men, Education, and Women—in That Order 
The First Wave of Feminism 
Enter “Rosie the Riveter” 
The Civil Rights Movement 
The Sexual Revolution 
The Second Wave of Feminism 
No Such Thing as “THE” Feminists 
The Third Wave of Feminism 
What About “His Story”? 
Early Male Supporters of Women’s Rights 
Effects of the Sexual Revolution on Men 
Men Raised Consciousness Too 
Fathers’ Movements 
There Are Some “Wild Men” Out There 
The Million Man March 
Keeping Those Promises 
Gender Communication: Looking Forward 

CHAPTER 1: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: Becoming a Better Gender Communicator 

Hot Topics 
What Is Gender Communication? 
Why Study Gender Communication? 
Gender Jargon 
Rethinking Sex and Gender 
Gender Identity, Androgyny, and Sexual Orientation 
Feminism and Sexism 
Communication: A Complex Human Process 
Becoming Receiver Oriented in Your Communication 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 2: Gender Identity Development: Biological, Social, and Cultural Influences 
Hot Topics 
Case Study: Am I Masculine? Am I Feminine? What’s That Mean, Anyway? 
How You Develop Your Identity 
Fundamentals of Identity Development 
Masculine and Feminine Identity Revisited 
The Effects of Social Interpretations of Biological Sex On Identity 
“Innies” and “Outies”: Social Interpretations of Anatomical Differences 
Social Interpretations of “Raging” Hormones 
Mind Over Matter: Are Men’s and Women’s Brains Really Different? 
Social Infl uences on Psychological Gender Identity 
Learning to Be Girls and Boys 
Socialization and Gender Identity Development 
The Family as a Primary Socializing Agent 
Secondary Agents of Socialization 
Gender and Culture 
Culture Considered 
When Aspects of Identity Intersect 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 3: Choosing and Using Gendered Language 
Hot Topics 
Case Study: “Cis Who? LGBTQIA+ What?” 
Choosing Your Language 
What Is Language? What Is Sexist Language? 
Why Use Nonsexist (Gender-Fair) Language? 
Sexist Language: Forms, Practices, and Alternatives 
Forms of Sexist Language 
Sexist Linguistic Practices 
Using Language: Once You Choose It, How Do You Use it? 
Vocal Properties and Linguistic Constructions 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 4: Catching a Clue: Nonverbal Communication and Gender 
Hot Topics 
Case Study: The Rush of Attraction 
Women, Men, and Nonverbal Communication Codes 
Intersections: Gender, Nonverbal and Relational Communication 
Relationship Initiation 
Relationship Maintenance 
Relational Confl ict and Termination 
Nonverbal Cues and Sexuality 
Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, and Gaydar 
Sexual Activity 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 5: Gender and Relationships: Developing Potential Into Reality 

Hot Topics 
Case Study: Choosing Relationships: A Proactive Approach 
Better Information = Better Choices 
Relationship Roadblocks 
Roadblock 1: High Expectations 
Roadblock 2: This Should Be Easy 
Roadblock 3: Fear of Failure 
Roadblock 4: If I Just Relax, a Good Relationship Will Find Me 
Roadblock 5: Weighed Down by Baggage 
Roadblock 6: It’s Got to Happen Now! 
Roadblock 7: Giving Up Too Much Just to Have a Dating Relationship 
Roadblock 8: Looking Over Someone’s Shoulder 
Stage 1: Is There a Relationship Gold Mine Out There? Prospecting and Being a Prospect 
Seeing and Being Seen 
Not Being Seen: Prospecting Online 
Being Attracted to a Prospect 
Stage 2: Engaging the Prospect— Conversations 
Digging In and Discovering More 
The Art and Skill of Flirting 
Stage 3: Developing the Claim and Establishing the Relationship 
Opening A New Vein: Intimacy and Self-Disclosure 
The Big “E”: Empathy 
Are You Listening? 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 6: Friends and Lovers: Gender Communication in Key Relationships 
Hot Topics 
Case Study: Friends? Talking? Hanging Out? Dating? Seeing Each Other? Hooking Up? The Increasingly Complicated Language of Relationships 
From Me to You: Author’s Note 
Friendship: A Single Soul in Two Bodies 
Learning to Be Friends 
Communication in Same-Sex Friendships 
Male-Male Friendship: Functions and Characteristics 
Female-Female Friendship: Functions and Characteristics 
Cross-Sex Friendship: Being “Just Friends” 
What Gets in the Way of Cross-Sex Friendships? 
What Enhances Cross-Sex Friendships? 
A New Landscape for Friendship 
Ah, Love and Romance (and Gender) 
The Language of Romance 
The Pressure to Partner 
Relational Tensions 
Autonomy Versus Connection 
Power Versus Empowerment 
Acceptance Versus Change 
Comparable Views of Intimacy 
Expressions of Love 
Making a Commitment 
Talking about Communication, or Communicating About Talking 
Conflict: The Inevitable in a Relationship 
Ending a Relationship 
Who Does the Breaking Up? 
Communicating to End a Relationship 
Gender Issues Surrounding Sexual Activity 
Sexual Activity: Attitudes and Options 
Women, Men, Communication, and Sex 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 7: Power Abuses in Human Relationships 
Not-So-Hot Topics 
A Non-Case Study 
At the Center of Abusive Situations: Communicating Power 
Case Study: An Evening Out with Annie and Kris 
The Changing Language of Sexual Violence 
Facts about Sexual Assault and Rape 
Blaming Oneself 
Slip ‘Em a Mickey: Date Rape Drugs 
Who Are the Rapists? 
Common Myths about Rape 
Communicating Consent: The Core of Sexual Safety 
Partner Violence 
The Changing Language of Partner Violence 
Case Study: Living Happily Ever After 
Facts about Intimate Partner Violence 
Common Myths About Battering 
Abused Partners: How Do They Stand It? Why Do They Stay? 
What Do I Do? How Can I Help? 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 8: Pictures, Porn, and Pop: Gender and Media 

Hot Topics 
Case Study: Where Were You 25 Years Ago? (Were you even born yet?) 
The Power of Mediated Communication: Effects on Our Lives 
A Bombardment of Media 
Approaches to Studying the Effects of Media Consumption 
Advertising: Selling a Product or Selling Sexism? 
Babes in Bras: Female Depiction in Advertising 
Studs in Suits: Male Depiction in Advertising 
Lessons from the Small Screen: Television and Gender 
Television: Mirroring Reality or Creating It? 
Men & Television Programming 
Women & Television Programming 
TV and LGBTQ(IA+?) 
Lessons from the Big Screen: Film and Gender 
Gender in the Movies 
The Communicative Power of Pornography 
Pornography: Definitions and Controversy 
Types of Readily Accessible Pornography 
Research Findings on the Effects of Pornography Consumption 
The Crux of the Matter: Pornography is Personal 
We Could Make Beautiful Music Together . . . 
From Pop to Rock to Rap to Hip-Hop to Country: The Women and Men of Song Lyrics 
Sex Kittens and He-Men in Music Videos 
Sex, Gender, and New Media 
Online Identity and Gender 
Disembodiment: Virtual Versus “Real” Bodies 
Gendered Gaming 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 9: Gender in the Workplace: The Challenges of Talking Shop 
Hot Topics 
Case Study: Textual Harassment? 
The Commonplace Reality of Women and Men Working Together 
Getting That All-Important Job 
Gender Issues and the Job Interview 
On the Job and Moving Up 
Advancement within an Organization 
Women, Men, and Management 
Attention? Complimenting? Flirting? Sexual Harassment? 
Sexual Harassment: The Basics 
Initial Reactions to Sexual Harassment 
Subsequent Responses to Harassment 
A Parting Word about Sexual Harassment 
Discussion Starters 

CHAPTER 10: A “Class Act”: Gender Communication in Educational Settings 
Hot Topics 
Case Study: The “Male Nurse’s” Dilemma 
Children’s Literature: Lessons about Gender 
Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, and Gender 
Gender in Children’s Books 
Educational Expectations and Gender Bias in the Classroom 
Expectations about Academic Achievement: The Early Years 
Expectations about Academic Achievement: The College Years 
Gender Communication and the College Classroom 
Sexual Harassment in the Hallowed Halls 
Peer Sexual Harassment: Classmates Will Be Classmates? 
Paying It Upward: When Students Harass Faculty 
Discussion Starters 

Author Index 
Subject Index 

Diana K. Ivy

Diana K. Ivy, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, has been teaching communication at the college level for 30 years, including such undergraduate and graduate courses as nonverbal, interpersonal, gender, and instructional communication. She has co-authored two other textbooks, Communication: Principles for a Lifetime and GenderSpeak: Personal Effectiveness in Gender Communication, both in multiple editions, and has published articles in Communication Education, Southern Communication Journal, and Women & Language. She was Speaker of the Faculty Senate and Director of the Women’s Center at her university, has held multiple offices in the National Communication Association, hosted a call-in radio show, “Call Me Ivy,” and completed post-doctoral coursework at Oxford University, studying C. S. Lewis and communication.

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ISBN 9781465286529

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