General Music: A K-12 Experience

Author(s): Nicole R Robinson, Suzanne N. Hall, Fred P Spano

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

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General Music: A K-12 Experience equips the preservice music teacher with tools to effectively teach general music to elementary and secondary students. This text features research-based content and provides a myriad of resources. It is perfect for general music methods courses for preservice music majors, as well as in-service music educators.

General Music: A K-12 Experience is divided in to four parts:

  1. The “Nuts and Bolts”: Laying the Foundation for Teaching General Music – provides an overview of content standards, components of lesson planning, and assessment of student learning.
  2. Engaging Music Learners – introduces the primary music education methodologies (i.e., orff, etc.) and incorporates the "–ings" of music making (I.e. singing, playing, moving/dancing, listening/analyzing, and composing).
  3. Teaching Music in the K-8 Classroom: Building a Foundation for Music Learning – explores the core elements of music (i.e., melody, harmony, rhythm, form, timbre, and expressive qualities) and provides teaching plans for beginning (K–2), intermediate (3–5), and advanced (6–8) learners
  4. Secondary General Music: Experiencing, Engaging, and Exploring Music – provides "ready to use" six–week secondary general music curricula of a variety of topics, including world music ensembles, general music with the related arts, and music business and technology.



Part I: The Nuts and Bolts: Laying the Foundation to Teaching Music
Chapter I: Preparing to Teach
“Mapping” the Journey
Contemporary Music Education
Social & Cultural Context of Education
Teaching All Learners
The National Core Arts Education Standards for Music Education
Chapter 2: Planning the Lesson
Component 1: Determine Learning Goals & Objectives
Component 2: Motivation & Introduction
Component 3: Instructional Activities
Component 4: Conclusion/Review
Component 5: Assessing Student Learning
Component 6: Reflective Practice
Putting It All Together

Part II: Engaging Music Learners
Chapter 3: Methodologies in Music Education
Orff Schulwerk Method​
Dalcroze Method​
Kodály Method
Gordon’s Music Learning Theory
Chapter 4: The "INGS"

Part III: Teaching Music in the K-8 Classroom: Experiencing, Engaging, and Exploring Music
Chapter 5: Melody
Chapter 6: Harmony
Chapter 7: Rhythm
Chapter 8: Form
Chapter 9: Timbre
Chapter 10: Expressive Qualities

Part IV: Secondary General Music: Experiencing, Engaging, and Exploring Music

World Music and Creating World Music Ensembles in General Musics
Chapter 11: Experiencing Brazilian Music Through the Rhythms of Maracatu and Samba
Elisa M. Dekaney and Joshua Dekaney
Chapter 12: The Art of Teaching Samoan Music: A Multicultural Approach
Rebecca Penerosa
Chapter 13: The Teaching & Learning of Music of East Africa: Songs and Dances of Tanzania
Jacqueline C. Henninger

Exploring New Realms in General Music
Chapter 14: General Music and Traditional Ensembles: Exploring New Realms in General Music
Fred P. Spano
Chapter 15: "I love Rock 'n Roll": Creating Alternative Music Making Ensembles
Suzanne N. Hall, Nicole R. Robinson, and Qiana Lamb

General Music and Curricular Connections in the Arts
Chapter 16: Radio Plays: Bringing Together Sound & Creative Drama
Tamara Goldbogen
Chapter 17: Roots & Culture: Exploring Afro-Caribbean Music and Dance​
A'Keitha Carey
Chapter 18: Contemporary Approaches to Integrating Visual Art and Music
Jane E. Dalton and Kelly Hrenko
Chapter 19: Music and Film
Melissa Blizzard

Technology and Music Industry
Chapter 20: Experiential Music Appreciation and the iPad
Seth Pendergast
Chapter 21: Teaching Marketing through the Internet and Social Media
Tonya Butler and Ana Reina
Chapter 22: Music Composition with Technology
Seth Pendergast

Music, Society, and The Individual Self
Chapter 23: Exploring Culture, Exploring Self: Trinidad and Tobago
Danielle Brown
Chapter 24: Exploring Social Justice Issues through Musical Theatre
Melissa Blizzard
Chapter 25: Music and Self, Music and World: Exploring Current Issues and Positionality Through Music
Juliet Hess

Nicole R Robinson

Dr. Nicole R. Robinson is the founder and CEO of Cultural Connections by Design ( Her most recent post prior to launching her company was as the Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Leadership Fellow and the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Endowed Presidential Professor of Music Education at the University of Utah. Before joining the faculty at the University of Utah, Robinson held faculty appointments at Syracuse University, University of Memphis, and Virginia Commonwealth University.  

Dr. Robinson is recognized nationally as an educator, scholar, speaker, and author; and has presented her research at national and international conferences, published in several of the industry's leading research journals, including the Journal of Research in Music Education, Music Educators Journal, General Music Today, Journal of National Association for the Education of Young Children and Action, Criticism, & Theory for Music Education and has authored two academic textbooks titled Teaching Elementary Music: Integrating Music with Other Academic Subjects and General Music K-12.

Dr. Robinson has committed her life to transforming academic cultures through systemic change processes centered around cultures of belonging. She earned the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Music degrees in Music Education from North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education from The Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL).

Suzanne N. Hall

Suzanne Hall is an Associate Professor of Music Education at Augusta University where she serves as the program coordinator for the music education program.  Her primary research interests include pre-service music teacher training, music and language arts connections and comprehensive musicianship. She has presented research on music and language arts integration for music education state and national conferences. Her publications can be found in General Music Today and the Journal for Music Teacher Education.  Dr. Hall is also co-author of Teaching Elementary Music: Integrative Strategies between Music and Other Subjects (Kendall Hunt) and has taught elementary general music for several years in Florida and Tennessee.

She earned her MED and BME degrees from the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) and the PhD in Music Education from the University of Memphis (Memphis, TN). 

Fred P Spano

Dr. Fred P. Spano is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Music Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A specialist in General and Choral Music, Spano teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Music Education, supervises field experiences and student teachers, and coordinates the music education program.

Dr. Spano has taught general music and choral music not only in the US, but also in international schools in Iraq and Ecuador. Spano has presented workshops, adjudicated festivals, and conducted at various regional, state, national, and international conferences/festivals. He maintains active memberships in MENC, ACDA, the International Society for Music Education (ISME), the College Music Society, and the AGEHR.

Dr. Spano received the BA in Music Education from William Penn University, the MM in Choral Music Education from Westminster Choir College—the School of Music at Rider University, and the PhD in Music Education from Florida State University.

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