Getting Hired: A Student Teacher's Guide to Professionalism, Resume Development and Interviewing


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Copyright: 2014

Pages: 168


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This book targets the primary goals of any student teaching program -- professionalism, interviewing, and getting hired. Getting Hired is designed to accompany a student teaching experience and provides step-by-step guidance through student teaching, interviewing, and into a job.

This book is set up in three phases:

Getting Ready -- Prepares individuals for the teacher job search by making the most of the student teaching experience. It includes insider advise on multiple topics, 100 things employers will ask about you, and maintaining a professional web presence.

Getting There -- Teaches the essential tools of the teacher job search including résumés, cover letters, interview portfolios, and tips on where to find jobs.

Getting Hired -- Provides strategic interview responses, knowledge of various interview settings, common interview questions and sure-fire tips to make you stand out above the rest with a knock'em dead interview.

Each book comes with individual access to the Getting Hired Companion Website, which contains a plethora of resources, including: ePlanner Activities, eJournal, Employer Tips, and eResources.

Interview Portfolio: Build an Interview Portfolio that can easily become an ePortfolio showcasing standards-based teaching abilities, as well as a tremendous interview preparation tool. The 10 Interview Portfolio templates comprise a powerful self-promotion and interview success tool.

Videos: Watch sample interviews for all levels of instruction, listen in as employers give job seeking advice, and key interview questions and topics.

This book can be used for student teaching courses through college or universities, or to support a job search for an individual in the education field.

PHASE 1 Getting Ready

PART 1 The 10 Truths of Student Teaching

PART 2 Becoming a Teacher

PART 3 The List of 100 Things Employers Will Ask about You

PART 4 Ethics and Integrity in the Job Search

PART 5 Professional Web Presence

PHASE 2 Getting there: Landing the Interview

PART 6 Finding Jobs

PART 7 Résumés That Hit the Target

PART 8 Letters and Employer Communication

PART 9 Interview Portfolios

PHASE 3 Getting Hired

PART 10 Interview Preparations

PART 11 Interview Questions and Topics

PART 12 After the Interview


William Coghill-Behrends is the Associate Director, Placement, College of Education at The University of Iowa

Will has an extensive background in career development, language education, and instructional design and technology. His work and teaching experience span two continents and multiple settings-from elementary schools to college classrooms. He has served on advisory boards for technology and education organizations, and presented at state and national conferences. William has trained hundreds of students and employers on the ePortfolio and works closely with undergraduate and graduate students in the job search process. Will has received a major teaching award at The University of Iowa, currently serves on the UI Executive Board of the Iowa Edge Diversity Project and the leadership team for the Iowa Education Fellows (i-fellows), an initiative to improve the doctoral student experience in the College of Education.


Rebecca Anthony is the Director of Placement, College of Education at The University of Iowa.

Rebecca has long and rich history in career development in addition to her years of professional experience on all sides of the hiring process. She has been president of the national placement organization, has received six major awards, and conducted major research projects related to employment and job search topics. Her publications include a number of juried articles, white papers, and journal publications. Additionally she is the co-author of eight books. Rebecca has presented on topics related to employment issues at national and international conferences. Rebecca, a co-founder of the ePortfolio, has worked with Dr. John Achrazoglou and university colleagues on the development of the ePortfolio, Cyber ToolBox and Digital BackPack projects since 1996.

"Getting Hired is a must have for all student teachers. This book is a goldmine for young teachers who want to get noticed and hired."
-- Dr. Roy A. Montesano, Superintendent of Schools, Ramsey Public Schools

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ISBN 9781465241238

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