Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology and Their Influence: An Introduction

Author(s): David Soren

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017


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Classical influence has shaped our daily lives and continues to do so even to this day.

Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology and Their Influence: An Introduction offers a brief survey of ancient Greece (focusing on Athens) and ancient Italy (focusing on Rome) and then shows the influence of these classical cultures on later Western civilization, including America in the 1930s but also including France, Germany, and Italy in the 1930s as well. It is designed specifically for students in the university class and is also meant to be accessible to a general public who might be interested to learn a bit more about Greeks, Romans, and their influence on later Western culture.

Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology and Their Influence: An Introduction covers:

  • the influence of the classical period on art, cin­ema, and the historical novel.
  • various pioneers of classical influence in these genres.
  • individuals as diverse as the Roman emperor Hadrian, Andrea Palladio, Sir Arthur Evans, Cecil B. De Mille, Jean Cocteau, Benito Mussolini, and Lew Wallace among many others.




CHAPTER 1 The Minoans, the Therans, and the Mycenaeans

CHAPTER 2 The Beginning of Athenian Democracy

CHAPTER 3 Athens in the Classical Period

CHAPTER 4 The Greek Development of Idealized and Realistic Art

CHAPTER 5 Greek Pottery

CHAPTER 6 The Greek Temple

CHAPTER 7 The Development of the Greek Theater

CHAPTER 8 Introducing the Romans—Romulus and Remus

CHAPTER 9 The Roman Military

CHAPTER 10 A Case Study of the Later Roman Republic—Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great

CHAPTER 11 The Age of Augustus

CHAPTER 12 The Flavians and Pompeii

CHAPTER 13 The Roman Empire at Its Peak: 96–180 AD

CHAPTER 14 The Legacy of Greece and Rome

CHAPTER 15 Classics and the Historical Novel—The Importance of Lew Wallace

CHAPTER 16 Symbolists and Surrealists

CHAPTER 17 Fascists and Nazis

CHAPTER 18 Legacy of the Classical Ideal


David Soren

Dr. David Soren is Regents Professor of Classics with the University of Arizona and Director of the Orvieto Institute in Umbria. He holds a B.A. in Greek & Roman Studies from Dartmouth, and an M.A. in Fine Arts and Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from Harvard University. His specialties include Roman Archaeology, and the making of documentaries. He has done extensive field work in Cyprus, Portugal, Tunisia and Italy, is widely published, and has received numerous honors and awards for his work (see his listing on Wikipedia).

Regents Professor Soren was honored with the 2005 Excellence in International Service Award.

Professor Soren founded and continues to direct the Orvieto Study Abroad Program in Italy, now the University's largest study abroad program.

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