Green Harvest: An Introduction to Biology

Author(s): Michael Farabee

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018


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Throughout history, plants and photosynthetic organisms have continuously transformed Earth.

Green Harvest: An Introduction to Biology guides students to a better understanding of “the study of life”. Not only is the text beneficial to science majors, but also to non-science majors as they will begin reading about basics of science and theoretical framework, while also learning about other key components of the biological field.  The content thoroughly explains biology and its relationship to other sciences, while highlighting fundamental concepts of biology and living organisms’ interactions with the surrounding environment. 

Green Harvest: An Introduction to Biology is divided into four units: Science, Chemistry, and Cells; Energy and Metabolism; Cell Division and Genetics; and Evolution and Biodiversity. Readers will gain more information on: the diversity of life, what organisms produce and how they use it, the structure of cells and processes involved, how important energy is to a body, how life evolves, and more. As a result of incorporating this book in a classroom, one will be able to solve science-related problems, think critically, and understand the basics of biology.

Green Harvest: An Introduction to Biology features:

  • An accompanying website with animations, an interactive glossary, flash cards, and videos with assessments.
  • Key terms in each chapter along with definitions in the glossary.
  • Tables, figures, images for visual learners.
  • Review questions concluding each chapter.
  • Links relating to content of each chapter.


Unit 1 Science, Chemistry, and Cells

1. The Nature of Biology and Science

2. Chemistry and Life

3. Cells and Cellular Organization

4. Transport In and Out of Cells


Unit 2 Energy and Metabolism

Energy and Enzymes

6. Cellular Metabolism: How Cells Produce ATP

7. Photosynthesis: The Green Harvest


Unit 3 Cell Division and Genetics

8. Cell Division: Binary Fission, Mitosis, and Meiosis

9. Genetics, Gene Interactions

10. The Modern View of the Gene

11. DNA Structure, Protein Synthesis, and Gene Control

12. Biotechnology and the Genetics Revolution 251


Unit 4 Evolution and Biodiversity

The Theory of Evolution

Biodiversity: Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaeans

Biodiversity: The Stem Eukaryotes

Biodiversity: The Viridiplantae: Green Algae and Plants

Biodiversity: Fungi

Biodiversity: Invertebrate Animals

Biodiversity: Deuterostomes

Michael Farabee

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ISBN 9781792446320

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