Guide to Becoming a Physician

Author(s): Leila E Harrison, Bobbie Ann Adair White, Richard Sanker

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2020

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Guide to Becoming a Physician is geared toward anyone who thinks they want to be a physician and helps bring to light aspects to consider at each step along the way. It’s written with the beginner in mind with the hope that it will serve as an informative guide to help these individuals decide if it’s a pathway they want to pursue and if they do, how to navigate each stage. Most chapters include worksheets to help individuals apply the material to their life.

  1. Guide to Becoming a Physician
  2. Undergraduate Premedical Programs
  3. Medical School Application Process
  4. Nontraditional/Veteran/Military Applicants (new chapter)
  5. Osteopathic Medicine and Allopathic Medicine
  6. Joint Degree Medical Programs 
  7. Medical School Curriculum Preclinical Years 
  8. Medical School Curriculum Clinical Years 
  9. Residency Application Process (new chapter)
  10. Graduate Medical Education (Residency and Fellowship) 
  11. The Practice of Medicine 
  12. Medicine and Research
  13. Money and Medicine
  14. Family and Medicine

Leila E Harrison

Bobbie Ann Adair White

Bobbie Ann “BA” is a medical educator, career coach, and consultant. She currently serves as a faculty member, medical education consultant, and faculty Ombuds at Texas A&M University, College of Medicine. She also serves as a faculty member for Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Institute of Health Professions.

Acting as a learning mediator and coach, BA teaches in the following content areas: conflict management, leadership, feedback, cultural humility, educational administration, and health professions education. She questions assumptions and conclusions, assisting individuals in deepening their knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, her passion is to help others achieve their goals, which drives the majority of her work. In that quest, she has helped publish in the areas of teams in medicine, leadership in medicine, and other medical education topics such as coauthoring a book, Guide to Becoming a Physician. The text was written for premedical students and is incorporated into the curriculum at Baylor University with the purpose of encouraging critical thinking about the journey to becoming a physician.

Her formal education consists of a bachelor of arts in psychology with a minor in sociology, a master of arts in industrial and organizational psychology, and a doctorate in educational administration (leadership) with a dissertation entitled “Conflict Management Education as a tool for Leadership Development in the Intensive Care Unit.”

In addition to Dr. White’s professional roles, she is active in her community, serving on the Board of Trustees for Salado Independent School District. And she often says she is married to medicine, as her husband is the Medical Director of the Medical ICU in Temple, Texas. They share two adorable kiddos (JuliAnn (photo credit) and Preston), and a sweet rescue dog, Sam.

Richard Sanker

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ISBN 9781792429002

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