Healing Power of Leadership: Lessons from the Coronavirus Lockdown

Author(s): Timothy Makubuya

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 133

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Healing Power of Leadership provides numerous straightforward and artful lessons that leaders from both formal and informal education sectors share about pivoting in times of intense turmoil. From displaying servant leadership skills to showcasing high levels of emotional intelligence with dealing with day-to-day COVID-19 lockdown situations in parks, museums, under-resourced schools, reservations, virtual learning platforms, community at-risk programs, and immigrant community organizations, these leaders highlight how to uniquely advance your organization’s mission while keeping in mind self and group wellbeing.

In this book, the word healing reminds us that our health is paramount to our survival on this planet. Healing derives from the Germanic word heilen and also has ties to an old English term haelen related to sound health restoration. This book is a collection of chapters that like-minded colleagues, who are either leaders or educators within their own unique spheres, wrote to support this idea of reassembling the pieces after COVID-19 struck. I still hold hope that humanity will prevail over this contagion. The unique perspective of servant leadership adopted in these chapters will enable the reader to digest and understand how educational and heritage leadership should occur as we continue to heal our institutions.


Foreword How did we get here?
Timothy Makubuya, Ph.D.

Chapter 1 Leading in Times of Crisis: Lessons from Heritage Leaders
Tom Moffatt, Ed.D. and Lynn Cartmell, Ed.D.

Chapter 2 Student Academic Engagement in Virtual Learning
During Mandated School Closures
Mary E. Gillis, Ed.D.

Chapter 3 Leading a Diverse Urban School through the Pandemic
Cryslynn C. Billingsley, Ph.D.

Chapter 4 Truth and Healing of the Navajo Nation
Curlinda Mitchell Blacksheep, Ed.D.

Chapter 5 eLearning: What to Do in a Time of Crisis
Lindsay Clemens, Ed.D.

Chapter 6 Reimagining Best Practices for Preserving Native Communities During a Health Calamity
Amanda J. Dworak Rowland, Ed.D.

Chapter 7 A Community Partnership in the Age of a Pandemic: What Mattered to Black Adolescent Girls
Fatemeh Mardi, Ph.D., Phyllis Balcerzak, Ph.D. &
Keith W. Miller, Ph.D.

Chapter 8 The Era of Dual Global Pandemics
Timothy Makubuya, Ph.D.

Conclusion Surviving the COVID-19 Trauma
Timothy Makubuya, Ph.D.

Short Abstracts
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Timothy Makubuya

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ISBN 9781792479403

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