Health Care Management: Theory in Action

Author(s): Frates

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2014

Pages: 344

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Healthcare management is often considered confusing, poorly planned, and rapidly changing.

From the cutting edge organization theory to the tried and true model, Health Care Management: Theory in Action has you covered.

Health Care Management was designed to benefit students through clear principles of leadership and management, illustration of creative problem solving techniques, discussion of key management components, and applications of theory to solve management problems in various health care settings.

Health Care Management:

  • Contains case studies that illustrate chapter concepts in real-world situations, used to challenge students to solve and analyze problems related to diagnosis
  • Features leader spotlights, which are mini biographies and words of wisdom from leading health care executives
  • Challenges students to put themselves in situations through the use of “decision trees”


Chapter 1: Origins of Organization Theory
Chapter 2: Current Organization Theory
Chapter 3: Organizational Behavior-Micro
Chapter 4: Organizational Behavior-Macro
Chapter 5: Leadership
Chapter 6: Power and Conflict in Health Organizations
Chapter 7: Problem Solving and Decision Making in Health Organizations
Chapter 8: Communication in Health Organizations
Chapter 9: Values, Vision, Culture, and Ethics
Chapter 10: Organization Development and Change

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ISBN 9781465285829

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